Useful post! 10 of the best foundations worth buying

2022-03-04 19:26

1. GIORGIO ARMANI extremely satin silk soft essence liquid foundation RMB580/30ml

The reason why this Armani "small dropper" is at the top of the list is because it has the support of many fans and a good reputation for being tough. It does not leave it, and its effects in such a powerful position naturally make you and me surrender. The delicate and moist texture does not affect its covering power at all. After use, it has the effect of moisturizing and firming the skin, and the complexion is instantly softened. Brightening, silky touch, even I couldn't help touching my face.

2. Laura Mercier Super Liquid Foundation - Refreshing RMB365/30ml

LM's base makeup products have always been well received, and this one is recommended as a super easy-to-use foundation. After use, the moisturizing degree is improved and it has a matte finish. The makeup feels natural and has strong lasting power. Even if you use it in summer, you don't have to worry about taking off your makeup. Importantly, this foundation is formulated to be oil-free, so the lightness and freshness are absolutely trustworthy! Great for oily and acne-prone skin.

3. YSL Supermodel Focusing Light Foundation SPF30 RMB570/30ml

This supermodel liquid foundation, which is very attractive from the name, uses a unique gel, which can be evenly distributed on the skin surface, just like your own second skin, the face is very smooth, the ductility is very good, and it fits the skin perfectly , with the height of the bones, the light is refracted, creating a supermodel luster on the stage. However, gloss and concealer cannot have both, and the weaker coverage requires subsequent use of concealer to achieve a perfect base makeup.

4. Dior Creamy Firming Liquid Foundation SPF20 RMB486/30ml

When I heard firming, I thought that the word should not appear in the base makeup, but this is its magic weapon. The light and silky texture is very comfortable to apply on the face, and it has a faint fragrance, and it has good moisturizing power after use. , The makeup feeling is also natural and docile, the whole face is immediately bright and the pores and fine lines are well hidden. If your face does not have excessive blemishes, it is enough to just apply it to go out.

5. COVERMARK repair foundation cream SPF18 PA++ RMB455/bottle 30g

This foundation cream, which judges whether the skin is yellow or blue, according to the subcutaneous blood vessels, has captured the hearts of a large number of women with its zero-burden sense of use of pure herbal Chinese herbal extracts! Even if there are 17 large shades, you can choose the one that suits you the most in minutes. Douban commented that it is a "more oily, more beautiful" foundation. Its powerful moisturizing degree and perfect fit with the skin are like special It is custom-made by every woman. After smearing, there is a natural luster on the face. Especially after staying up late, it can better reflect the change of complexion. The ultra-high durability and the formula of Chinese herbal medicine can make oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin feel Can be used with peace of mind.

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