Victorinox Swiss Unlimited Men's Fragrance

2022-03-04 19:26

It successfully brings the spirit of the classic "authentic Swiss Army Knife" to the world of fragrance. In 2010, Victorinox Fragrances won the FiFi Award at the International Fragrance Federation in New York, which is dedicated to innovation in the fragrance industry and is considered the "Oscars" of the fragrance industry.

Victorinox's Swiss Unlimited collection of men's fragrances conveys the essence of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, taking advantage of the good times of the weekend, and packing a backpack for a short trip. Its main raw materials come from the Swiss mountains, with extracts of alpine wormwood, absinthe and silver fir to form this herbal and woody fragrance for men. The scent is fresh and sweet, clean and energizing. The opening notes are mint, bergamot and black currant. Middle notes are lavender, absinthe and cinnamon. Base notes are musk, patchouli and ambergris. These special ingredients represent their unique approach to life - across any boundaries.

This series of men's fragrances chooses the traditional Swiss Army Knife red as the bottle color. The bottle body is wrapped in rubber, which is not easy to break and easy to disassemble. The simple bottle design contains rich environmental awareness. There are ears on each side of the bottle that can be hooked on to the snap hooks, making it a small element that the fragrance can be safely carried anywhere. It can be easily hung in the office or at home, and can be easily used even on the go. Carrying a small bottle of perfume, it can pass through security at any airport without hindrance, making it the ideal companion when you travel. Comprehensive, well-thought-out, and perfectly embodied make this an extraordinary choice for men's fragrances and perfect images. Independent, different, that's the man's way, and the man who wears this fragrance - dares to overcome obstacles.

The Swiss Unlimited collection also has a travel bottle refill, which is the ideal travel companion and its scent lasts up to two weeks. This travel perfume bottle can be carried around or used as a keychain and is suitable for air travel. At the same time, in order to facilitate the daily needs of users, the two sides of the perfume bottle are also equipped with metal tweezers and toothpicks. This is the unique fusion and innovation of the fragrance and tools brought by Victorinox perfume, and it is also the spirit of Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. continue.

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