Orange makeup is the must-have makeup for autumn and winter

2022-09-09 10:14

When it comes to the color of autumn and winter, many girls think of orange. That's right, orange clothes, orange nails, and orange makeup are the first choices for girls in autumn and winter. After learning, this is the must-have makeup for autumn and winter.

Step1: First use a light orange to smear a large area of the eye socket as a primer.

Step2: Apply orange eyeshadow on the double eyelid fold area and under the eyes to highlight the layering of the eyeshadow.

Step3: Deepen the outline of the eyes with dark brown at the end of the eyes.

Step4: Draw black eyeliner, slightly elongate the end of the eye, and smudge it properly.

Step5: Paste the upper and lower false eyelashes and apply mascara to make the eyes look better.

Step6: Lip primer and concealer, cover the original lip color, make the lipstick brighter and more beautiful after the lip is applied.

Step7: Apply orange lipstick to coordinate with eye makeup.

Have you learned the warm orange makeup suitable for autumn and winter?

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