What are the varieties of Color Training Mannequin Head?

2023-03-28 21:09

Color Training Mannequin Head is very funny and interesting to display or use. You can easily found them at thrift shops, KSL, Wal-Mart, and Facebook marketplace. You can also go to a wig shop for buying it at cheaper rates. If you want to make your colored head then you can paint it yourself and give your training headpiece an original and fresh look.


Different Color Training Manikin Head

Practicing different styles with some colored mannequins is a different experience as you can express some special objective through your colored heads. You might be a bit confused that how a mannequin can relate something to the audience? But it’s just not a model; it becomes feelings when painted in different themes. Here are some basic colors that you can try easily:


● Glitter theme

What's your idea about giving glitter Decor to your eve? You can go for a completely sparking mannequin head that is painted full of glitter. You can get its eye indulged in sweet candy, and call it Champagne Glitter foam Head Display. After the theme party, you can also use it in Craft Shows, Window Displays, Spas, Giveaways, Booth Displays, Boutiques, Salons, and so much more. Each type of glitter mannequin will be having a Styrofoam interior and will be decorated with a combination of colored glitter, special paint effects, and strong adhesive. The tissue paper used in it will be glued and topped with a proper finishing seal.


● Grace Painted Styrofoam Head

Generally, these heads are used for raising awareness about racism and color. Its main objective is to realize people that each color tone is pretty and there is nothing like black and white in human nature. Grace-painted Styrofoam models usually come with a deep skin tone, black red brows, and brown eyes, with neutral makeup having soft faux lashes. It is made by using acrylic paint with a matte sealer to give a finishing and smooth touch.


● Breast Cancer awareness 

This foam head without hair is completely pink in color customized to aware people of Breast Cancer. You can get this pink color training mannequin head with different quotes on each side of the head reading such as ‘I am brave and strong. If you wish you can decorate it with earrings neck chain or pendant and many more to give a real look of a woman. Its color is pink in solidarity with breast awareness. This can help you to collect funds for cancer patients in Toronto.


● Green color mannequin

Most of the green color mannequins are used for promoting greenery and forestation. It is used in peace campaigns. You can use these for performing styling during exhibitions and competitions as it gives a fresh look to judges and audience. But they are heavier than others as they are made of high-quality glass. You should be very careful while handling them as small jerks can lead to crack and damage.


Where to buy Color Training Mannequin Head?

You can find these color mannequin Heads in any beauty or wig shops near your locality. You must first check the material of these heads before proceeding to buy them. The easiest way to buy these heads is to surf the Internet and look at shops online. Here, you will find different deals that suit you best and will be affordable too. For the best quality of the product you must go here for these types of products:

● Internet or online shops

● Reputed beauty markets

● Wholesale markets

● Direct dealers

● Wig and craft shops

● Boutiques 


Final views

You can buy this color training mannequin head from any nearby market in your locality. For the best quality and amazing designs of these mannequins, you must try checking out designed colored mannequins. Your mannequin can be an outstanding piece of your store if you take proper care of it and ensure its maintenance timely. Also, you can create your color head by using acrylic paints and glitter. Just imagine the color and paint your imagination. Before buying this product from online stores remember to ensure the quality of the material used. This product will also give you new ideas for your display purposes.

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