What color to dye short hair for boys?

2022-07-22 15:08

What color looks good when dyeing short hair for boys 1: Natural black

Natural black Qi Liu bob looks cute, adorable soft, very suitable for young boys, and Asian skin are born with a natural ride and black, so the dye a natural hair color is the most error-prone.

What color looks good when dyeing short hair forboys 2: Linen

This is a super trendy linen-colored short broken hair. The linen-colored hair is fashionable and leisurely. The fluffy roots are positioned and perm so that each hair is full of dynamic look, especially the upper middle bangs . Avant-garde, I believe it will be the favorite of fashion boys.

What color looks good when dyeing short hair for boys 3: Smoky gray

The young and handsome Wu Yifan is one of the fashion icons in our Chinese circle, and his recent hair color is smoky gray, which shows how popular smoky gray hair color is. His masculine fluffy short perm hair and smoky gray hair color are so beautiful that it is indescribable!

What color looks good on short hair for boys 4: Chocolate

Short hair boys want to dye their hair , chocolate color is an ideal choice. Chocolate color is characterized by fashion, classic, simple and good-looking. It will always be the mainstream color in the hair dyeing world. So boys can rest assured to dye a chocolate color to make your handsome short hair change. Gotta look better.

What color looks good when dyeing short hair for boys 5: dark brown

Dark brown is a fashionable and low-key color, suitable for a wide range of people, basically anyone with any skin color can hold it. Then cut a refreshing short haircut , and you will be twice as handsome.

What color is good to dye short hair for boys? If you want to be suitable for men, these fashionable chocolate colors, natural black, linen colors, etc. are all good choices! Let you exude the charm of boys in minutes.

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