What is the sacred "helmet trio" of "New Rap"?

2022-08-22 06:02

Are you tired of seeing all the selfies of opinion leaders who have stretched their legs and are refined to perfection on social media? Tired of looking at that cookie-cutter star promotional image that is too beautiful to be true? In this capital-oriented market, mass aesthetics has quietly changed everything.

The psychology of the public is always so strange. They not only hope that the "actresses" on stage for entertainment are in line with the mainstream aesthetics, but also expect one or two "different species" to break the rules and bring new excitement to a new round of discussion. .

Just like MiniG in "New Rap 2020" in the audition because of its built-in "physical plug-in" and "equipment plug-in", it earned a lot of attention and topicality. It was evaluated by everyone: "plagiarism Daft Punk", "this rap is completely stretched." ".

Of course, for the public, the slightly avant-garde aesthetics still belong to the category of "unintelligible".

Hybrid art: a local strategy to recreate the future

Although MiniG only left a "little love song" cyber legend on "New Rap 2020", you don't deny that this may be a breakthrough for many people to know "Cyborg".

Cyborg, also known as Cyborg. Mostly used in the world of science fiction, those characters with obvious mechanical prostheses. Cybernetic was the abbreviation of Cybernetic Organism at first, and it was created by Manfield in 1960. Klines and Nathan. Klein created.

And 2020 is undoubtedly the first year of Cyborg. A sudden shock caused a major suspension of fashion, tourism, aviation and other aspects.

The paper media ceased publication, the brand went bankrupt, and the online industry became more and more urgent, so that expenses had to be cut. But people's pursuit of beauty never stops. This is also an opportunity for the rise of some "sub" cultures.

In this grand "doomsday" crisis, the rise of apocalyptic aesthetics is inevitable. Just like the steam wave that has been abandoned by Teens for many years, you are still surprised to find that this style is widely adopted and manufactured on Douyin.

In fact, today, you can’t say that Cyborg is a niche art. In terms of film and television literature, "Blade Runner" is re-released, "Blade Runner" is filmed, and Netflix’s "Love, Death and Robots" is fully successful. When it comes to clothing, shoes and accessories, it has become popular for outdoor functions, and constantly emphasizes the high-tech and technological upgrades of fabrics.

Our beauty bloggers no longer focus on showing off their exquisite Jin Kardashian-style makeup, but treat makeup as an aesthetic.

Maybe it's really too tiring to be a human being. From idol to blogger, all of them are tossing themselves in a non-human direction.

There is the South Korean custom brand GODSOMEWARE that we mentioned last time that you can turn into a Cyborg butterfly bionic when you wear it.

Today, there are 10 new designers who are rated as the most need-to-know by Vogue, and Li Sensen’s brand WINDOWSEN is selected as one of Paper Magazine's 2019 global TOP 100 new faces.

The brand of Li Sensen, a Chinese-born fashion designer who graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp, is keen to hide his face, hoping that everyone can rethink the true nature of human beings after their appearance is removed.

Li Sensen, who recently appeared in "Where Are the Humans", also mentioned in an interview that he admires monsters because he thinks monsters are a "social phenomenon" and used to warn those who have the courage to be different. He added:

"Monsters also reflect the inherent thinking of society. Parents will ask you to marry and have children at a certain age, because the public defines the social rules, but why are there no rules in the niche market? I say that this information and attitude has become a "monster", Let it be one of my inspirations."

Like his philosophy, a mask full of grotesque aesthetics, combining unrelated sports with women’s high-definition fashion silhouettes, and those sneakers that turn rubbish into treasure, are enough for WINDOWSEN to be gender-sensitive. Recognition, there is no clear boundary between beauty and ugliness.

"I dream of a gender-fluid world, where anyone can wear skirts and walk down the street in whatever clothes they like. I want to send the message to the world through clothing far more than clothing itself."

This is like an internal contradiction. The Cyborg series presented in 3D creates an icy, silky and magnificent futuristic world, but when reality is infinitely close to this aesthetic, it becomes an ironic prophecy. The reference object, cruelly contrasts the reality of the past and the nightmare of reality.

These unknown panics constantly remind the love of futurism, and dystopias are becoming a reality, and the aesthetic value that the advent of the Cyber ​​Age will bring will also destroy human aesthetics.

Similarly, this avant-garde and mysterious charm also attracted young idols and icons.

The star’s "different" aesthetic

Star icons are the concretization of the aesthetics of the times. They are influential figures influencing the media and culture, and they are also consumers of social consciousness.

Therefore, the difference in "aesthetic" concepts between celebrities and the public often causes "class collisions".

In the early years, the domestic photographer Zhang Jiacheng "out of the circle" for the first time because he photographed the Rocket Girl. Because of the retro style, many netizens criticized him as "too old and totally inconsistent with the girl's temperament". And BlackPink's Y2K concept style has also been complained as "too ugly".

The problems encountered by the male celebrities are also quite funny. They have been sent to hot searches by fans many times with the topic of "want to burn his pants". The reason is that his brother has 2 meters long legs, but he always wears loose pants or weird. The pants cover up the long legs.

Wang Yibo has repeatedly used "unwearable" pants by fans, but he has become the prototype of the Nike x WINDOWSEN sustainable concept fashion mini Collection CGI character.

Another star, Zhou Zhennan, has also been discussed on hot searches for many times because of his unique outfit. Regardless of his body proportions, he dressed himself as five to five points, painted nails and put on his mother’s shirt, and even some viewers asked him to be in auntie. idol.

But Zhou Zhennan, who does not take the usual path, is very flavorful when he wears feminine puffy sleeves and gauze clothing when he shoots magazines.

Cai Xukun was also shot in similar clothes.

For example, icon Sita of the subculture youth also swam through the Forbidden City through WINDOWSEN.

And Sammi Cheng, who has always been daring to wear and fashionable, also wore WINDOWSEN at the 2019 Followmi concert, and let the designer Li Sensen serve as the designer of the global tour.

Lisa also has the look of WINDOWSEN in "How you Like That" mv.

Times are advancing, and people are changing.

We must know that in 2018, there was a weird "restriction order for mothers", and today, no one of us thinks that it is a big deal for boys to apply nail polish.

Wu Yifan was once devalued for autotune, but today Akabella is known to more people in China because of him.

This is like the popularity of 808 drums and autotune in today's hip-hop music. In fact, this technology is an outdated existence that was eliminated at the time.

Just like MiniG used the four words "difficult to define" when introducing its own style. And their "Big Artist" is a new heavy-duty product that blends many elements such as Trap, EDM, metal, melody, rap, and classical music.

Many people commented on them, they went to the wrong place, and they should go to the "Summer of the Band" next door. But I think this sense of dislocation is a kind of cunning to win one by one:

Everything can be recoded and transformed into a new thing. And when this original information is re-encoded to produce new images, or the freshness of sound, it is the new rule in this wireless flattened and digital world.

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