What kind of curls do short hair look good in winter

2023-01-13 23:39

Short curly hair ends in curls, cute and fashionable, bob heads are more aura, light chestnut hair color is also a highlight.

What kind of short hair looks best? This short hair with slightly curly hair is just right. The Korean actress has the same air bob head. The micro-curly perm design and light gold are warm and fashionable. It is eye-catching in winter.

Shoulder-length lob head? Then you must try the S-roll. The wavy shape makes short and medium hair more charming, and creates a fashionable royal sister style.

Winter short hair + white shirt is really beautiful, the bob head with inward curled hair is cute and fashionable. Such a broad design is also the first choice for small faces.

Even if it is simple and short hair, you can use a little curl to increase the fashion. The bangs make a little fluffy face to enhance the temperament, and the two sides also make a little docile inner button, which is clever and well-behaved.

Short and medium hair ends look more airy with a slight perm, and the hair color changes slightly to make it more eye-catching.

Partially short hair is very popular with girls. One side of the hair is ironed into an inner button, but it is just a bend. It feels too charming with makeup.

Half-length, not short, shoulder-length hair, this slightly retro style hairstyle just needs a little volume to match, so that the heavy hairstyle can also add a touch of lightness.

The previous hair had only one bend, so that the spiral curly hair with two bends is more feminine, and the shorter the hair, the more fashionable it is.

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