What you don't know about Clinique Sonic Cleansing Instrument 0-9

2023-02-10 22:00

When it was warm and cold, a documentary about smog attracted unprecedented attention of the whole people. Remember the jokes about smog in those years? "The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but when I hold your hand, but I can't see your face." This time, you who finally know the truth about the smog will let the smog damage your "face" engineering"?

So the question is, living under this dome, do you think a thin mask can keep out pollution particles thousands of miles away? Do you think that traditional hand washing can wipe out the PM2.5 that penetrates into the bottom layer of the skin? NO! I believe that you who have carefully watched the documentary will definitely not think so. To resist skin pollution and fight against the arrogant little giants of PM2.5, now is the moment for high-tech to attack. Let the new Clinique Clinique Sonic Facial Cleanser scientifically interpret the magical power of high-tech for you from 0-9, and say byebye to PM2.5!

To Soft and Cleansing Touch 0 Pull

I bought a lot of cleansing products, but in the end, I didn't say "disgraced", and my skin became tight and lack elasticity? The new Clinique Clinique Sonic Facial Cleanser understands your pain best. The light-feather brush head it uses can gently caress every inch of skin like a down feather, giving you the intimate care of your baby-like skin, without worrying about the skin being pulled. Experiments have shown that even delicate petals will not be damaged in use.

1. Sweep the skin and clear the skin.

Each of us has about 300,000 pores on our face, and our skin naturally provides opportunities for pollution particles to take advantage of when we take a breath. These pollution particles have strong adhesion. Once they enter the bottom of the muscle, they will be intertwined and difficult to clean, causing long-term problems such as skin blockage and infection.

If you want to truly and thoroughly clean the pollution deposits in every pore, relying on the traditional hand-washing method, you can only cry out that "the concubine can't do it." At this time, you can only ask high-tech. The most amazing thing about the new Clinique Sonic Facial Cleanser is that it uses the world's leading sonic micro-vibration technology, with more than 9,000 high-frequency vibrations per minute, which can destroy the oil and stubborn dirt deep in the pores one by one and completely remove it. Every pore is clean and transparent, so sour.

2-in-1 partitioned bristles for cleaning without dead ends

Daily cleaning is done every day, but it only takes a few minutes a day, and there are always those dead corners that cannot be cleaned. The new Clinique Clinique Sonic Cleanser also takes this into account. The brush head adopts a new zone design. The white bristles are softer to gently clean the cheeks over a large area, while the green brush head is tapered. It is easy to deeply clean the T-zone and pores. More scientific and more intimate design, have you got it?

Use in conjunction with the classic 3 steps to reveal the endless radiance of the skin

"Only when the skin is gently and thoroughly cleansed can it be ready for subsequent skin care products to work." After letting the new Clinique Sonic Cleansing Device help you with the basic cleansing, it is excellent to use the Clinique Classic Three Steps. . After cleansing, use a cotton pad dipped in a cotton pad to get clear skin and water, and then use genius butter + repairing natural skin protective film, without duang duang duang, the skin can achieve inner moisturizing, outer elasticity, and clear radiance!

Tested on all 4 skin types with proven results  

Different skin needs different care, but all skin types can use the same facial cleanser! At first glance, you may not believe it, but don't worry, Clinique has tested it repeatedly for all 4 skin types to prove it. Among them, 97% of the testers said that the cleanser gently and thoroughly cleans the skin, especially stubborn dirt, oil and impurities; 94% of the users agreed that the skin looked clear and radiant after use. So whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination dry skin or combination oily skin, you can use it with confidence.

5 steps to cleanse and clear skin

About washing your face, how many steps do you need? With the Clinique Clinique Sonic Cleanser, 5 steps to clear your skin.

First, remove make-up from the face and eyes, then apply an appropriate amount of Clinique 3-Step Facial Cleanser to the wet brush head and press the start button. Note that when in use, you can tilt the cleanser slightly and use the white body bristles to gently massage the forehead, nose and chin; use the green tip brush to move up and down to clean the T-zone. Just like the mouse gently sliding over the mouse pad, do it once every night, you can do a SPA to your skin while listening to music~

Lego, which is lighter than Iphone6, cleans face at any time without stress

I have also tried traditional cleansing instruments, but every time I wash my face with a heavy instrument, I always have the idea of being lazy. Is there a more lightweight and fashionable cleansing instrument? The new Clinique Clinique Sonic Cleanser is here to help you resolve this embarrassment! Look at this figure, slim, well-proportioned, fresh and fashionable is not to say.

It's just that, after the actual measurement, it is lighter than the lightest Iphone6 in history! A trip that says go, becomes easy in one second!

Safe, effective and zero sensitive after 7,200 skin tests

"I have sensitive skin, and my skin is too fragile. Can I use this facial cleanser?" Of course, the new Clinique Sonic Facial Cleanser has been tested 7,200 times on human skin and successfully passed the allergy test. , so even sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind!

One charge for 180 minutes without NG

The new Clinique Sonic Facial Cleanser uses USB charging, which is fashionable and convenient, and after a full charge, it can be used for 180 minutes continuously.

Chaoguo 9 thousand of microseismic technology thoroughly deep clean the skin pores

As a high-tech cleansing product, the biggest highlight of the new Clinique Sonic Facial Cleanser is that it uses the world's leading sonic micro-vibration technology, with more than 9,000 sonic micro-vibrations per minute, which is proven to be the best solution for both maximum cleaning effect and skin care. The frequency can gently shake out the deep dirt in the pores, so as to be gentle and never damage the skin!

To spit out the old can bring in the new. Born in spring, can grow in summer. from this spring, just give the skin soft and pure intimate care, and easily welcome the refreshing midsummer. What are you still hesitating about?

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