What's hidden in the makeup bag of Origins

2022-07-07 14:27

Smartphones, smart wearables, smart homes... These days, there is nothing that is not connected with smarts, and it is embarrassing to go out. Even the field of skin care has begun to be "invaded" by intelligence, and there is even a new technology called "smart skin care control". The peculiar "species" of . If you happen to be lying on the gun, the smart beauty artifact such as Origins Yuemuzhiyuan Green Tea CC Cream that will appear below must be your dish.

So what kind of person can be called "smart beauty control"? There are just a few standards below, see how many you have:

1. There are at least 2 APPs related to beauty in the mobile phone

2. If you have the word "smart" in the introduction of beauty products, you will take a few more glances

3. Never go to someone else’s house for the night without all kinds of smart beauty items

4. In addition to beauty experts, the bloggers who follow are also overseas.

5. The first reaction when encountering any skin trouble is can you invent an instrument...

6. It has been permanently unable to return to manual exfoliation of feet

7. More security from smart beauty items than boyfriends

After the test, if there are more than 5 matching options, it is officially "sworn in". If you are not "smart" enough, let's take a look at the 3 essential artifacts of "smart beauty control", arm beauty with intelligence.

Green tea CC detonates the intelligent anti-haze revolution

The original meaning of CC cream is correct cover. At the beginning of its birth, the main task was to correct uneven skin, and then all kinds of CC creams that continued to appear mainly continued the functions of concealer and isolation. Origins Yuemuzhiyuan collects a variety of rare plant essences to develop a new Origins Yuemuzhiyuan Green Tea Smart Isolation Repair Cream (also known as Green Tea CC Cream). In addition to inheriting the existing effects, it is also uniquely injected with deep-sea thermophilic bacteria and algae. The thermal enzyme intelligent purification technology can intelligently convert free radicals generated by external pollution such as smog into water for metabolism, giving the skin moisture and vitality. This tenacious creature that grows near the deep-sea thermal vent has evolved over the years to form a magical purification ability to effectively neutralize toxic heavy metals, and it has also become the intelligent technology core of this green tea CC cream.

At the same time, the green tea antioxidant essence contained in Origins Yuemuzhiyuan Green Tea CC Cream can release infinite antioxidant power at the moment of touching the skin, absorb radioactive substances, prevent their diffusion in the muscle, and form an invisible protective shield on the skin surface. The five functions of beauty repair, isolation, purification, anti-oxidation and protection are completed at one time, allowing the skin to cope with the ten-sided "haze" wisely, and instantly achieve a healthy complexion.

Intelligent skin color tester measures skin IQ value

After using foundation for so many years, what color is the best for you? Did you know that most of the "smart beauty control" cosmetic bags are equipped with a new smart skin color tester, which uses color matching technology to measure the IQ value of your skin color, and then test the IQ value of your skin color at more than 1,500 Choose the one that suits you best. With it, you'll never be afraid to buy the wrong foundation again.

Teeth whitening device for a charming smile

The various whitening test advertisements on TV are enough to see how much whiter teeth account for a woman's beauty. It would be a bit too naive to just brush your teeth, but the new tooth whitening device can solve this problem. From the perspective of parts composition, it mainly includes a dental bite, a controller and a charging base, as well as a set of whitening gel and a lip balm, which is very simple and convenient to use. Long-term use, teeth whitening effect is also very significant.

Time is passing, women need to grow up, and smart women need to learn to use external forces to promote their beautiful "arrogance". Today, the 3 smart beauty equipments found in the cosmetic bag of "Smart Beauty Control" will definitely make your beauty career go a step further.

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