When the summer and autumn seasons change again, these universal items are absolutely essential

2022-12-05 06:01

Reporter: Zhou Fangying

Editor: Lou Chenqin

Reprinted from: Interface News

After drinking the first cup of milk tea in autumn, it's time to clean up the closet and prepare for the season.

Although the days of late summer and early autumn are short, the obvious difference in temperature between day and night and the unpredictable alternation of hot and cold can easily cause choice difficulties. For many fashionistas, how to balance demeanor and temperature may be a big problem.

In fact, if you can grasp the essentials of wearing a few universal items, you can greatly reduce the trouble when going out.

Universal shirt

You can't live without a shirt in your closet.

The most basic white shirt is basically a must-have, because it is like a white cloth, allowing you to add any other shapes. Whether it is a solid color or colorful bottoms, it will not look abrupt under the background of a white shirt.

When the weather becomes slightly colder, you can consider choosing a slightly longer shirt skirt, with a woolen vest superimposed on the outside, and paired with boots, which can create a cool sense of disappearance of the lower body.

If you feel cumbersome to fold and pass, but don't want to wear a boring white shirt, choose a shirt with a richer variety of colors. Whether it is worn alone or as a jacket, it is very convenient, and it also enriches the look and feel of the overall shape.

Textured base shirt

The bottoming shirt is not limited to winter. It would be great if you could have a thin, textured bottoming shirt during the summer and autumn socializing days. When the weather is colder in autumn, just put on another coat.

The close-fitting bottoming shirt can choose a richer color, or a design with holes to express your artistic sense. Such styling tops are also easy to take pictures with a sense of atmosphere.

If you want to be more elegant, you may wish to consider a yarn-based or silk-based bottoming shirt. The tops of these two textures are easy to form a sense of drape and are more comfortable to wear. The pearly white silk bottoming shirt will have some transparency. At this time, wearing a black vest can create a more sexy look.

Easy and beautiful one-piece

When you can't quickly understand the complex dressing skills, you can never go wrong by following the principle of consistency.

The charm of the jumpsuit is that its consistency can make the overall shape look refreshing and capable, and you don't have to spend too much time on matching.

Moreover, the jumpsuit is more tolerant of the figure, and will not make the wearer worry about whether the fat on their waist or legs is too obvious.

Long-sleeved dresses are also a good choice for late summer and early autumn. Dresses similar to detachable sleeves can also ensure that you can freely adjust the temperature for yourself when hot and cold alternate.

The necessary formal jacket for a concave shape

Swept by the mix and match style, suit jackets, vests and other items with a strong sense of professionalism are becoming more and more casual and popular.

Although the suit vest always accompanies the shirt under the stereotype of formal wear, if you take it out alone, you will find that the vest is more fashionable than expected.

Taking on the basis of the neat style of formal wear, the suit vest can make the whole person look straight and straight. If the bottoms are matched with wide-leg pants, there will be a chic feeling of walking with wind.

Suit jackets are also very tolerant and compatible with various shapes. When the suit jacket protects you from the coolness of the autumn wind, you can still insist on wearing a tube top exclusively for hot summer.

Of course, you can carry the elegance of formal wear to the end. Altuzarra has launched several thin suit styles in the 2021 spring series. The bright colors with high saturation can add points to the whole person's spirit.

Sportswear that never goes out of style

You can also use sportswear like Hailey Bieber to create a street style, full of comfort. Cool shorts under the Oversize sweater can create a natural shape with tight top and bottom.

Or follow the principle of consistency mentioned earlier and choose a set of sports sweaters of the same color, which is casual and comfortable without losing sophistication.

Although the seasons are not too long, one must wear something that should be exquisite and exquisite.

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