Who on earth is happily picking up the same style?

2022-10-10 06:02

It is no exaggeration to say that these people who are good at picking up the same style are controlling the fashion nerves of many people. Their skills are open but mysterious-everyone knows that the same style is "picked", but few people know who is happily picking, and how they can accurately, quickly and batch celebrities Eating, drinking and dressing upturned.

Who is happily picking up the same style?

When it comes to celebrity information sensitivity, no one can compete with fan groups. The same style of celebrity is no exception. Therefore, there is no doubt that fans are definitely the main force in the same style.

Take “Idol Trainees” Cai Xukun and Wang Ziyi, who have recently become popular due to the talent show, as an example, all their private servers during the game secretly took photos by a fan account called “Langfang Eighth Department Store”. The cosmetic contact lenses, the snacks they ate, and the facial cleansers they wore were not let go.

Compared with the behavior of fans out of "love", there are more professional existences in the industry. Such as fashion bloggers.

The first generation of fashion big V gogoboi attracted a lot of fans because of the same characters in the play Jun Ji Hyun in "You from the Star". At that time, this kind of analysis by episodes and fragments successfully produced a lot of hits. And now, popular dramas and celebrity private service and red carpet outfits are still hot reading columns reserved by gogoboi. After him, similar public names have sprung up, and almost one can fire one.

Shopping websites and apps directly bridge the gap between picking the same item and buying the same item. Aside from shopping platforms such as Taobao, there have also been shopping apps on the market, including Pingfang, See, and Yingmi, that sell the same models of movie stars. There are also websites with similar functions such as The Take and shop your TV in foreign markets.

Is it difficult to pick up the same money?

From the fact that fans and entrepreneurs can also join the ranks of the same style on a large scale, it should not be difficult to pick the same style. At least now, if you want to enter this industry, the threshold should not be high. But in fact, this is already the result of technological progress. Initially, this job was a 100% experience.

Gogoboi mentioned in an interview with the media that the basis for becoming a fashion blogger is the knowledge and experience he has accumulated in fashion magazines in the past. His method of listing the same models of celebrities is mainly to look at it with his eyes, and then with his brain to recall the brand show pictures and product catalogs he has seen in the past, and then compare and confirm.

If you often read fashion magazines, you will know that the brand information of all the products appearing in the pictures will be clearly marked in the magazine blockbuster, and sometimes it can also include the price. This is the usual practice of fashion magazines and brands in cooperation. The editor will borrow suitable clothes from the brand according to the theme of the magazine blockbuster. In the process of selecting brands and products, in addition to advertising cooperation, there is also a reserve of knowledge accumulated by editors through watching shows and browsing brand product catalogs. And this kind of reserve has been translated into the era of public accounts, and it has also achieved the so-called "stars with the same style of peeling posts."

So far it is still an effective method. Whether it is fans, bloggers, or shopping software, there is always a part of the analysis of the same paragraph that needs to be done manually by staff with a certain amount of fashion knowledge. This is why if you look at the relevant official account or the company's requirements for recruiting editors, you will see an explanation that "understands the brand and has a fashion knowledge reserve".

However, this is only a bonus item. Because with the improvement of the image search function of various search platforms, and the various e-commerce platforms covering almost all brands in the world, people with zero basics can still pick the same style.

He also revealed some tips. For example, if a celebrity has an endorsement of a fashion brand or has a good long-term relationship with a certain brand, most of the time the private clothes they wear will also come from this brand. Especially if it is known that the event schedule is to participate in an event of a certain brand, then basically the celebrity will wear only the brand's clothes from the airport to attend the event on the same day. At this time, the search options will be greatly reduced.

But if you do a little bit of scale, this job will become easier. The screen side mentioned in an interview with UI News that the platform will analyze the same paragraph in addition to the image search function developed by the platform itself, as well as the first-hand service brand information provided by the crew and artist team. The proportion of the latter can reach 60%. . The information obtained in these two ways can ensure an accuracy rate of more than 90%. Another anonymous big V blogger of the same style said that often artist studios will also take the initiative to provide them with celebrity fashion and outfit information, in order to find more exposure channels for artists.

It sounds like this is not a matter of much technical content, but it has to be said that it is indeed time-consuming and labor-intensive.

In terms of searching for pictures, although there are tools, if you fail to find pictures with pictures, you can only manually search for characteristic keywords such as "sleeveless" and "blue" to reduce search items. A blogger with many years of "picking money" experience said that even with multiple screenings, there are usually as many as 500 or 600 options in the end. The overall workload is not small.

Fans love it, but what about the others?

No matter how hard it is, fans can persist, mainly because of "love". Professionals are able to persevere mainly because the celebrities have big business behind the same paragraph.

Alibaba’s “Celebrity Consumption Impact Report” released at the end of 2017 showed that from July to September 2017 alone, more than 400 million people searched Taobao for “the same celebrity”, an average of more than 4.5 million people per day.

This directly corresponds to the information popularity and purchasing power of the powerful celebrities of the same paragraph.

In other words, bloggers can profit by selling advertisements to brands and celebrity teams that have promotion needs. In the past two years, more and more celebrities have used fashion to package themselves and attract fans. They also regard how much fashion resources they obtain as an important performance indicator, which determines their high exposure needs for the same styles they wear. There is no need to say more about the brand. As we mentioned when we discussed the issue of "carrying goods", in the global market, especially in China, brands are betting on celebrities and "net celebrities" in their publicity tasks. The same style is undoubtedly the most "soft" way to connect the star and the product, and the best way to win the favor of passers-by.

Shopping websites have a more direct money-making model, just find the same source of goods and sell them.

"We first came into contact with celebrities with the same style because we found that many people around us are yearning for the lifestyle shown in film and television dramas. They will want to know the brand of clothing worn by this character, the location of the restaurant where the film is taken, and how to make a small price. Wear out the same texture, etc. Although there are also official accounts or fashion media that will release related content from time to time, they are all fragmented, and there is no good channel or platform to understand this information." Ping Fang It was born after observing the potential of the market.

However, obvious market opportunities are often accompanied by more intense competition. Just like removing the screen, according to the updated data information of the app store, most of the same shopping apps including See and Yingmi stopped relevant updates around 2016. An employee who once worked for See revealed to Jiemian News that See has basically given up the business of introducing and selling the same paragraph. The main reason behind it is the serious homogeneity of products and fierce market competition, making it difficult to make a name.

Let's take a look at the daily life of bloggers.

"I also started to learn how to pick up some celebrities with the same style after many fans asked celebrity clothing brands." Chen Xiao said. And once the main task is to "pick the same style", then it will be "ride against the current, or retreat if you don't advance."

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