Why can Wu Yifan be so cool? All in L'Oreal men's most fashionable FUN black magic electronic music party

2022-10-24 06:02

Skeletons, crosses, laser beams that burst instantly, screaming sound waves one after another!

This is the scene of the L'Oreal Men's Black Magic Electronic Music Party on February 1st! In the double shock of sight and hearing, the trendy people from all walks of life gathered, ushered in the protagonist of the party that night - L'Oreal men's spokesperson Wu Yifan! As a walking trendy fashion icon, Wu Yifan performed "COOL has no friends" on the spot, and witnessed the official launch of the L'Oreal Men's Black Magic series with the guests!

Do the coolest music

A huge replica DJ booth is the main stage of the party. That night, L'Oreal men's spokesperson Wu Yifan interacted with the DJ on the giant audio console. With the rhythm of "Deserve", he made a surprise appearance!

In 2018, Wu Yifan released the album "Antares" in which he is also the album producer, music producer and songwriter, expressing the most fashionable and cool attitude as a musician.

At the scene, Wu Yifan even matched his music with the five major life scenes. He was witty and humorous and had a super cool attitude of being himself, which attracted the fans on the scene to scream again and again!

Be the coolest sportsman

As an all-around new generation idol, Wu Yifan is not only a representative of trendy music and a synonym for youth and coolness, but his handsome appearance and dashing temperament also make him a model for young men. At the event, Wu Yifan also shared his understanding of "sporty men" as the spokesperson of L'Oreal for all the guests: "In addition to having your own style and taking care of your appearance, it is also very important to pay attention to small details - such as Blackheads on the face."

Another protagonist of the party that night - L'Oreal men's new black magic series, is an artifact for sports men to get rid of blackheads! The skull packaging with dark texture is the black magic from the American Death Valley artifact - mineral mud. Under the high temperature of 134 degrees, after 6 hours of exposure, it has super oil absorption capacity, which is an essential artifact for blackhead removal.

In the new year, I hope that more handsome men can say goodbye to blackheads completely and release themselves. Let's be COOOOOL with Wu Yifan to the end!

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