Why is Mei Ting's 44-year-old state better than it was five years ago? That's because American business is high.

2022-12-26 06:01

Don't cover your wallet, this time I'm not recommending lady care products to you.

Compared with Xiaohua, now everyone seems to be more concerned about the appearance of some middle-aged actresses, but to be honest, when did you see them not being stimulated? I don't know how many times I can say "Her 40 is more beautiful than my 20".

But now many female stars no longer regard "Goddess of Agelessness" as their title, but calmly say that they have also worked hard on the road of anti-aging, and are willing to share with netizens.

Everyone also knows that anti-aging relies more on acquired efforts: lady care products + medical beauty + living habits, none of these can be missed. Even people who are naturally beautiful have to start to struggle with aging after reaching a certain age.

I have to say that after so many years, Li Jiaxin really can't see any other superfluous changes except for the slight changes in the state of the eyebrows and eyes, and the outline is still clear and compact. I think this is also inseparable from her self-disciplined lifestyle.

Also in amazing condition is Mei Ting who attended the event a few days ago.

In the past summer vacation, "Parents Love" was replayed almost every day. When the show was broadcast five years ago, Mei Ting was about to reach the 40 mark, but she still did not feel too disobedient when playing a teenage girl. And because she has a weak sense of age, she has an advantage in such a long time span, and she can show changes without special effects makeup.

Five years later, at 44 years old, her skin looks more translucent than before, not to mention the sense of age.

To say that Mei Ting has not grown old at all, it should be embarrassing. No one can stay young forever, and in the past five years, Mei Ting has also experienced an "embarrassing period" of appearance.

It stands to reason that Mei Ting should belong to the category of "anti-aging", because her bones are relatively prominent and she can carry her skin. Specifically, when facial soft tissue is lost with age, prominent bones can "hang" on loose skin and maintain facial firmness.

You should have seen this principle many times, so Mei Ting really doesn't have to worry about her age just by looking at the bones, but if she looks at the facial features, she doesn't have that much advantage. Many people say that people with big eyes tend to look old, but in fact, this "big" does not refer to the specific size.

There are no bones around the eyes to support the loose skin like the face, but only elastic fibers. Therefore, when the fibers of the wide eyelid and the deep eye socket are lost at a certain age, they will collapse and squeeze the eye space downward. Easy to form triangular eyes. The accumulated skin around the eyes and the lying silkworms are superimposed together, which can easily cause a cumbersome feeling and make the eyes look tired.

If you have the same problem, it's better to learn from Teacher Mei Ting's approach. I don't know what eye cream she put on, but I know her eye makeup has changed over the years.

with makeup

Since the skin around her eyes is relatively dark, she must focus on concealer before applying eye makeup, which can be seen by comparing the photos without makeup and those with makeup.

plain makeup

Another point is that her eye makeup begins to fade gradually. Using light-colored eye shadow will make the makeup look more refreshing, and at the same time, it can hide the aging of the eye skin through the contrast of strength and weakness.

Last but not least: move the eye shadow down. Mei Ting's current makeup doesn't pay much attention to the eye shadow part, and she almost wears light eye shadow and eyeliner for a little bit. However, such naked eye makeup can't hold the high-definition lens at all, so you need to pay attention to the lower eyelid makeup.

Her lower eyelid makeup is applied close to the root of the eyelashes, following the principle of heavier head and lighter tail. Then, smudge the eye shadow down and bring it slightly over the lying silkworm to avoid the superimposition of the lower eyelid makeup and the lying silkworm shadow to form a dark circle. Widen the outer corners of the eyes.

Therefore, if you want to win the battle of anti-aging, it is a "stupid way" to make money to buy skin care products. It is the easiest and most effective way to learn to reduce the sense of age by using two methods of maintenance and makeup. Not only Mei Ting understands this truth, but the two actresses we are going to talk about next are also experts.

01 Serenity: Change the shade of makeup

Everyone knows what Teacher Ning loves - long eyelashes! European and American makeup!

Because her upper court has a strong three-dimensional sense, and the height and position of her brow and cheekbones are similar to those of Caucasians, it is more appropriate to control exaggerated false eyelashes and European and American makeup with strong contrast between light and shade. But no matter what kind of makeup, you have to pay attention to a "moderate".

Let's talk about her eye makeup first. In the past few years, Teacher Ning's eye makeup can simply be picked out to open a bot. Each look is bright in color and rich in layers, and it is also very suitable with long curly eyelashes. However, because her eye sockets are too sunken, they will superimpose shadows with the brow bone, so when applying heavy eye shadows and long eyelashes, the eye makeup will look too cumbersome. Such eye makeup and full face makeup are basically the same. is disjointed.

Now, in addition to retaining long eyelashes and thick eyeliner, other parts of her eye makeup are gradually weakening. First, she should use light-colored eye shadow, and second, she no longer pursues so many layers, and basically uses three colors: Bottom, deepen, brighten and you're done.

In addition to eye makeup, Tranquility also moderates the contouring appropriately. Because her facial bone sense itself is very strong, if the normal repair volume is superimposed, the depression of the cheeks and the protrusion of the bones will be more exposed, and the sense of age will be relatively stronger.

The picture below is a comparison picture made by Mr. Ning Jing himself. Although the right side is highly exposed and heavily dermabrasion, the sense of age is obviously reduced. From this, it seems that the use of high-gloss contouring will also become a burden.

So now she generally uses three different colors of foundation for base makeup + contouring work.

She recently shared this method in Xiaohongshushan: first, apply a liquid foundation that is one shade lighter than the skin on the part of the face that needs to be brightened, that is, the center area;

Then use a liquid foundation close to your skin tone on the outer edge of the center area, which is to make the skin look better and hide subtle imperfections;

Finally, use a liquid foundation that is a shade darker than your skin to apply on the outer edge of your face for contouring.

From the lens, the color of the contouring is lighter than the shadow in the depression of the tranquil cheeks.

The base makeup drawn in this way can not only withstand high-definition camera shooting, but also can improve or weaken the three-dimensionality of the face according to personal ideas, and use makeup to "reshape" the bones, which is really practical.

02 Qin Hailu: Change the focus of makeup

The popular variety show "Chinese Restaurant" and the hit drama "Old Tavern" both brought Qin Hailu, an extremely low-key actress, back into the public eye.

I don't know if you still remember when "Chinese Restaurant" first aired, Qin Hailu and other guests went to the street to "barter" to buy ingredients, but in the end, the most "hot-selling" were not rice dumplings or Peking Opera refrigerator stickers. A special gift, but the beauty of Sister Hailu's transnational beauty.

Qin Hailu's oriental beauty was really revealed too late. She once said that she is not beautiful in the actor industry, and no one has even praised her for being beautiful since she was a child. So in that era of exquisite beauties, she was not outstanding.

But she has not changed because of this, on the contrary, she cherishes her own characteristics, and now she has achieved good results.

Qin Hailu's three-court ratio is very characteristic, the upper and lower courts are short, the atrium is relatively long, and her nose is heavy in both shape and volume, which also gives her a serious and cold temperament, and has a stronger sense of maturity.

So for her, changing the temperament and changing the proportion of the three courts are almost the same, and this change does not necessarily require real adjustments, but only needs to enhance the presence of the upper and lower courts, and make the eyebrows and lips feel more. Strong, the facial coordination can be enhanced through the strong and weak relationship.

Qin Hailu once publicly cut her double eyelids, not because she wanted to look better, but because she cried too much after giving birth, and her single eyelid pressed against her eyelashes to form barbs, so she had to cut it.

However, Qin Hailu's eyes were obviously enlarged after cutting her double eyelids, which also enhanced her presence in the court, weakened her long atrium, and made her whole person look much more agile.

The problem of going to court has been solved, and going to court has to keep up with the progress. However, Ms. Qin Hailu just changed her lipstick color and completed the work.

Nude lip glaze was popular in the past few years. However, such lip products are not suitable for yellow skin, and secondly, they are not suitable for dark lip color, and if they cannot be matched with good makeup, they will appear to be very popular.

Qin Hailu now prefers to use a slightly higher-saturated rose-colored lipstick, which can not only outline the lip shape, enhance the presence of the lower court, but also enhance the complexion, which is in line with her elegant and elegant image.

So sometimes being beautiful takes as much effort as maintaining it. If you want to be a beauty, American business must not be low.

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