With these 10 items, you can be as beautiful as Kerr

2023-01-02 06:01

1. Aura Bags

Givenchy Antigona medium bag $2090

Kerr has a soft spot for Givenchy's Antigona black leather bag, and she has carried this love bag on many occasions out of the street! Although black is low-key, it is always a classic all-match item. What's more, this Antigona is still a large-capacity and super practical bag!

2. Handsome jacket

Zara leather jacket $199

In early spring, there is still a bit of cold weather. At this time, a leather jacket is both warm and windy. It is indeed the best choice for going out on the street. Zara's leather jacket is made of wool on the front chest, which is soft and comfortable and can withstand cold wind. The shoulders and sleeves are made of leather. It is very stylish to wear, which is a model of real wear and fashion!

3. Retro sunglasses

ASOS round frame retro sunglasses $44.84

Anyone who pays attention to Kerr knows that she is a collection of sunglasses, and the round-frame glasses with a strong retro style are her favorite. These affordable ASOS round-frame retro sunglasses are really used to match polka-dot style clothes. Not bad!

4. Comfortable running shoes

Reebok Skyscape running shoes $64.99

Reebok's Skyscape series of running shoes has been endorsed by Kerr twice. Kerr also likes to wear it on weekdays. The shoes are very light and the upper is made of bra fabric, which fits comfortably on the instep. If you don’t like the bright red, there are other beautiful colors to choose from!

5. Washed jeans

7 For All Mankind High Waist Pants $198

Denim is an indispensable element of leisure, and 7 For All Mankind's pants are comfortable and show the shape, fashionable and casual!

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