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2022-09-19 06:02

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Some time ago, when I was offering knitting items for everyone, I talked about knitted dresses, which are soft and elegant in winter, and they will be tightly controlled in autumn and winter wear.

In addition to knitting sweaters, autumn and winter dresses also have a lot of suit shirts, so the editor never thinks that skirts are fashion in spring and summer. The beauty of one piece in winter is more diverse, and surprises are always inadvertent.

And one piece is really a very labor-saving way to wear, often you choose the right dress and matching shoes, the look is almost successful.

Today the editor came to sort out for everyone-"three winter dress shoes matching ideas". Did you really choose a pair of Mr.right for your one piece?

Pointed-toed high-heeled boots are probably the most popular dresses that editors see from various fashion bloggers. The longer the skirt, the shorter the boot shaft; the shorter the skirt, the longer the boot shaft. This method is not only to keep out the cold, but more importantly, to look thin (we will talk about this in detail below).

Cult-Gaia Fall/Winter 2021

If you are in a city, you are also allowed to show a little leg between the skirt and the boots. Then the above formula must be kept in mind, as to which position of the leg is exposed? The answer is very simple-wherever the legs are the thinnest.

For example: if you have thin thighs and fat calves, it is not that you can’t wear skirts + boots, but choose a short skirt above the knee + wide boots; if your calves are not thin, only the ankle is slim, then You can just show the position of the ankle as the model demonstrates, and block other places that are not so confident.

To sum up: the length of the boots changes with the length of the skirt, and where is the thinnest exposed.

Ankle-length knitted long skirts have been very popular in the past two years. It is not limited to tall people. What you need is a pair of pointed boots of the same color. To ensure the overall sense of tone, you will not "cut off" your lines horizontally, which is the basic idea of ​​showing height.

Nude and beige knitted long skirts like this are very popular this year. Perhaps under the pressure of the epidemic, we all need this kind of direct softness. The best shoes to match with are-gentle outlines and non-color patterns. Only with publicity can the style of this skirt be brought into full play.

A simple comparison can be seen. For colors with less gentleness like black, black boots with a sharper head and sharp corners are more suitable. With a slim style, it can highlight a sense of sharpness. This is also now Popular hot girl style.

If you have a high-necked dress with shoulder pads and sleeves, animal print high-heeled boots are best! To become a "hunter in the workplace" you need such a pair of boots.

Alberta-ferretti 21 autumn and winter ready-to-wear

When a similar style skirt is replaced with a pair of high-heeled boots with a suede surface and a low waterproof platform, the momentum is obviously not as strong as the animal pattern, and the style is more retro. It is also recommended to follow the "whole body color" matching idea. , More charming.

As an "entry-level" knowledge of dressing, we all know that techniques such as wearing a long dress, wearing a belt or waist, or waist decoration can effectively emphasize the waistline and improve the effect of body proportions.

And the long skirts with belts are particularly good match, is-pointed toe trousers boots. Whether your dress is skin-fitting or loose and intellectual, the stack of trousers, boots and trousers can be contrasted with the waistline, bringing a tight, retractable wear effect, very Free and easy, very urban.

Sisters who have too many pointed-toed boots at home can also consider the treasure item of pointed-toed cowboy boots and ankle boots that we recommended two days ago. They are more handsome and casual than ordinary pointed-toed shoes, regardless of skirts and pants. It doesn't matter if you get up. In addition, the shape of the shoes is very thin, and the effect of increasing the height is also very significant!

And CCISTO's shoes are really the most practical colors for autumn and winter. Each of the black, white, and snake prints can be used alone in the autumn and winter wear.

BottegaVeneta 21 autumn and winter

Regardless of the fact that they are all boots, a dress with a similar feel is paired with round/square-toed straight boots~ but it is completely another style.

This set of looks is simply for those young ladies who occasionally want to take the leisure route! Dark denim and black dresses have stepped on the theme of "casual", but the texture is better, coupled with a pair of beige + black square-toed short boots, without losing the word "premium" while relaxing.

In fact, pointed-toe high-heeled boots often look more than mature when paired with dresses, while the round-toed and square-toed straight boots have their purpose in "decreasing age", and their style is more neutral.

Didn’t we talk about the black silk item a few days ago? In addition to femininity and sexy, it has no other attributes? Of course there are, but you need a pair of neutral boots to help you finish.

It is because of its relatively simple boot type, which directly erases the "bad image" that black silk leaves in your impression. You can even feel a little girl's playfulness and little rebellion from such a match!

Many brands of neutral boots also pay attention to the "tightening design" at the ankle position, which ensures that they are handsome and neutral without losing the "line sense" pursued by women.

If it is a straight and tall style, it has more unpolished original flavor than the exquisite pointed tip. It feels more harmonious when paired with eco-friendly furs that imitate animal hair. The fur's "graceful and luxurious" temperament has also been weakened a bit (click here to go back and read our eco-friendly fur article).

This set of looks is really good-looking, even if you don't show your legs with stockings, it looks good! The key is the color unity, and the texture match of the jacket and boots, so here is one more Tips-if you are matching an environmentally friendly fur jacket, try not to choose patent leather or shiny surface for the material of the boots! The texture of matte or suede will be better.

Givenchy 2021 autumn and winter ready-to-wear

New trend this year! The editor found that the slim dress with a length of up to the ankle and good wrapping properties became more and more fragrant with the super hot "rain boots".

Rain boots are not real rain boots, but refer to this kind of boots that look sleek, thick, hard and bulky. Starting from BV, this kind of ugly boots quickly became popular. With the soft and close-fitting dress that highlights the curve of the figure, it was thought that there would be two conflicting materials, but it matched inexplicably. It has a soft and rigid aura, which also adds a lot of fun.

When it comes to matching dresses that are both chill and tasteful shoes, Mullers said that few shoes dare to be number one. No matter what skirt you are, the temperament between laziness and elegance can fill you up.

The best shoes are loafers. These single shoes are most suitable for matching ankle-length knitted long skirts, and a long woolen coat outside, telling a low-key and restrained charm from head to toe.

Here is a small reminder-the length of the coat must be close to the length of the skirt, and the coat is best not to be shorter than the dress, so as not to destroy the overall sense of lines, and it will not appear literary.

Short knit skirts, especially thick needles, are actually very suitable for creating "age-reducing" styles, so the most suitable pair at this time is a pair of small leather shoes (the thick-soled style is still the trend this year)! Because this is also a school uniform collocation, it is full of student spirit to wear this way. If your dress is loose and bulky, it is very suitable to wear a high-necked bottoming shirt in winter.

You can also try other textures. You don’t need to be as exaggerated as LOOKBOOK, but you can choose shoes with fur decorations, which are similar to knitting and have a sense of warmth and wrapping. The overall shape is very complete. This is when you choose your own dress. The wonderful thing when it comes to a pair of pairs of shoes~

The age-reducing pleated skirt is a pair with small leather shoes. Some sisters are worried that they will bring the inherent impression of "Japanese school girl". You might as well choose square and angular leather shoes. The sexy contour lines are reduced. The cuteness of the pleated skirt and round-toe leather shoes.

There are also white and olive green options, and olive green is the best selling ~

In fact, it is nothing more than a collocation of two items. It sounds like it is not worth writing a 3000-word article for detailed interpretation, but if you want to be unconventional or even outstanding, you often rely on your fashion attitude and control over details. ability.

The key to deciding your collocation may be between the length or the radius of the toe!

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