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2023-01-02 06:01

What I want to tell you today is the lesson of cleaning. Those sisters with dull and rough skin, stop the five, six, seven or eight bottles of whitening essence in their hands first, and think carefully about whether the cleaning is done properly?

As I talked to you before, the dirt on the face is roughly divided into two types, one is water-soluble dirt composed of sweat and keratin metabolites, and the other is oily dirt such as oil secreted by the skin and makeup residues.

Ordinary facial cleanser can only cure the water-soluble dirt on the surface of the skin, but it can't deal with the oil in the pores.

What happens to pores that have not been cared for (cleaned) by you for a long time, blackened (blocked). I don't need to say more about the troubles of clogged pores. It is a trivial matter to hinder the absorption of skin care products. What's more important is that various skin problems will be "visited" one after another. It is a group of cold-blooded beautiful girl killers!

So our pore scavenger • Cleansing Mask must be on the scene!

Don't smell the discoloration of the "cleaning mask", in fact, choose the right product and use the right method, it is a good friend of our skin! Then today, 77, you will take you to re-acquaint yourself with the black pot man cleaning masks~

What is a cleansing mask?

Cleansing mask refers to a type of mask with absorbent ingredients, which has the function of taking away the surface dirt (surface cutin, sebum, etc.) of the skin and deeply cleaning the pores.

If the use of facial cleanser is compared to a daily household cleaning project - mopping the floor, then the cleaning mask is to regularly clean the house, which can and is very necessary!

What are the categories of cleansing masks?

There are mainly two types of cleansing masks on the market: smear type (mud mask and frozen mask) and tear-off type. Let's learn about these little bitches together.

Smear-type mud film

The smear-type mask has two small branches under the hands. The first is a mud mask that contains kaolin/bentonite/volcanic mud and other adsorbent ingredients. After this type of mask is applied to the face, it is like a vacuum cleaner, which can quickly and accurately pull out the dirt in the pores, thereby effectively cleaning the skin.

Mud film generally has a strong adsorption force, but at the same time, because it contains less oil, it is more suitable for oily skin~

Advantages: clean pores with great strength (good effect)

Disadvantages: more preservatives (in order to prevent bacteria from settling in the mud film), strong cleaning power

Suitable for skin type: oily skin/combination skin/dry skin with active moisturizing work.

Good things to recommend

IPSA Clay Massage Mask

Its cleansing ingredient is natural mineral mud, plus maternity chrysanthemum flower extract, which deeply cleanses pores while controlling oil secretion. The formula of acetylated sodium hyaluronate also forms a moisturizing protective layer on the face to prevent the skin from drying out. So no matter it is dry and oily skin, it can be used, what the public lover said is it~

The creamy white cream texture has fine abrasive particles in it, but it will disappear when massaged lightly, and the skin will not feel any pain, which is quite comfortable.

This cleansing mask can be used in two ways: for oily and dry face, for dry skin and wet face, and use your fingers to gently massage hard-hit areas such as the tip of the nose.

I personally tested these two methods and they are very mild. Sisters who were afraid to try the powerful cleansing mask at first must try this one!

Yuemu Zhiyuan Mud Doll Mask

When it comes to cleaning mask clay dolls, you must also have a name. The combination of white porcelain clay and bamboo extract activated carbon provides double insurance for cleaning pores, and has a strong adsorption force for blackheads and whiteheads. It is also the gospel of many oily sisters~

As you can see, the black-gray mud-like texture is relatively delicate to the touch, and the face is smooth and easy to push away, but it dries a little quickly, and it is also a little dry in the process, so it should not be applied for too long.

Every time I use it, I will sigh, no matter if the black mud and white mud can clean the face, it is a good mud. Isn't the nose clean and fragrant!

swisse honey cleansing mask

I also think that Swisse only has health care products. In fact, its skin care products are also very good, especially the smear mask series.

Its main cleaning ingredients are kaolin clay and charcoal, and it also contains soothing ingredients such as honey, aloe vera and seaweed, so the whole is warm and moist~

The texture is a relatively moist gray cream, which is easy to spread and does not feel tight when applied. The skin feels very good, and dry skin sisters can also wash it!

Smear-type jelly

Another type of cleansing mask is a gel-type jelly film composed of activated charcoal particulate moisturizing agent film-forming agents. The principle of cleaning is to apply the jelly film thickly to the skin on the face to form a moist and high temperature environment, forcing the blackheads and whiteheads in the pores to surface by themselves.

The jelly mask has a characteristic. After applying the mask, you need to cooperate with the acne needle to clean up the blackheads and whiteheads. This step can easily hurt the skin, so I don't recommend it.

Advantages: Does not dry out, has a certain cleaning ability

Disadvantages: need to be used with acne needles, easy to accidentally hurt

Suitable for skin type: dry/combination skin

I don't recommend this part of the good stuff, and I don't use it myself.

tear type

The peel-off cleansing mask refers to the use of the viscosity of the film-forming substance to peel off the horny plug on the surface of the skin and the shallower part of the hair follicle opening. (Imagine sticking scotch tape to your face and yanking it off)

Advantages: Excellent effect on mild lipid acne

Disadvantages: There are many pits in product selection; there are many pits in usage

Suitable for skin type: city wall skin

The pig nose sticker is a relatively primitive peel-off cleaning mask, but it is not the perfect state of the peel-off cleaning mask. There are still some easy-to-use peel-off masks to look for~

Good things to recommend

Orenazine Ice White Mask

Although Orenazol Ice White is not strictly a cleansing mask, it is definitely qualified and excellent as a peel-off mask.

Before use, you need to mix the film powder and essence by yourself. After stirring, the texture is soft and ooze-like, and the film is quickly formed on the face, which is amazing.

After 15 minutes, when the mask was torn off, there was no pulling feeling at all, but the skin was visibly clean and translucent. I love it so much!

Sulwhasoo Yurong peel off mask

There is still a gap between this mask and the pig nose sticker mentioned above. It does not simply pull the things off the face by physical tearing, but first "seduce" the blackheads out and then take them away, not so violent~

The texture is very similar to the cough syrup I drank when I was a child, and it also has a Chinese medicine smell, but it is not bad.

Every time I see the whiteheads and sebum that have been torn off from the mask, I feel a sense of achievement, and I feel that I am one step away from the baby skin~

Sisters remember to follow the direction from top to bottom and from outside to inside when tearing it off from the face, and don't mess around!

black Gelpack peel off mask

Finally, I recommend a mask that is very particular about its ingredients. It not only adds royal jelly and tea extract, but also dozens of skin nourishing ingredients such as arbutin and sodium hyaluronate. .

The texture is black gel-like, and it will slowly form a film after being applied to the face, and it can be peeled off after 15 minutes. After using it, I feel that it has a good effect on the waste keratin on the face, and it cleans the pores just like it, but fortunately, it is gentle and cheap. Sisters who are excited can try it!

Today's cleansing mask is here, and I will summarize it orally for everyone.

①Cleaning mask should be used, but once a week is enough.

②It is not recommended to use the combination of jelly-coated acne needles, please choose carefully.

③The mud mask is suitable for city wall skin/oily/dry skin, and the peel-off mask is suitable for city wall skin.

Let’s chat in the comment area, do you clean your skin every day and how do you do it? See you next time, bye~

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