Wuxin Mage accompanies you on White Day

2022-10-31 06:01

Don't worry, the handsome and compelling Wuxin Mage is here to rescue you who are in dire straits!

Recently, Han Dongjun appeared in Jinan to support Sulwhasoo's opening in Jinan Ginza Mall, and sent Valentine's Day benefits to fans in advance.

She came elegantly dressed in white, gentle and safe.

Single dogs can also have a sweet White Day.

Since "Wuxin Mage" hit the air, Han Dongjun has been called the most masculine little fresh meat.

Han Dongjun has heroic eyebrows, super angular outline, and eight-pack abs, each of which is enough to attract the hearts of thousands of girls.

Not only that, he also has a lovely side. In his life, he is a big boy with a lying silkworm when he smiles.

Looking at such a cute selfie, does it feel like a different person from the muscular man just now?

In addition to meeting the ideal boyfriend standards of many audiences on the outside, he is also a kind-hearted, filial and caring person.

Take a look at the photo he posted with his mother on Weibo, it's an example of a good son!

Such a handsome, cute, kind and filial boyfriend accompanies you on White Day, isn't he very happy?

In addition, Xiao Xianrou has also prepared a White Valentine's Day gift for you. Guess what it is?

Is it Sulwhasoo Crystal Snow Whitening Serum?

Contains Snowise Tri-White Complex, which solves the "three-color dullness" problem of black, red and yellow skin, and helps you reshape and whiten your skin.

Or Sulwhasoo Hydrating Rejuvenating Serum?

Powerful extraction of the five Chinese herbal extracts of Nourishing Condensation Complex™ - the active ingredients in brightening and moisturizing of peony, rehmannia, lotus seed, yuzhu and lily to protect the skin from the dust in the air and keep the skin healthy and smooth. Balanced state.

Or Sulwhasoo's star product, ginseng cream! ?

Sulwhasoo Nourishing Ginseng Rejuvenating Cream is a full-featured face cream developed with precious ginseng.

Enhance skin resistance, delay skin aging, and allow you to regain youthful radiance!

How, do you want every one?

Han Dongjun had already guessed that you would think so, so all these three items are given to you!

Let the more confident you seize the opportunity to get rid of the fate of being single, and spend a sweet and warm Valentine's Day with Han Dongjun!

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