Xiao Aoting tearable nail polish makes girls outstanding and colorful

2022-07-18 21:01

Recently, Xiao Aoting water-based finger paint and Sophie Pocket Magic S have played a new cross-border trick, and customized exclusive color-matching water-based nail polish for Sophie, so that young girls can still be fashionable and wonderful during menstruation. In order to make the product more popular and let more girls get color benefits, from December 28th to 29th, 2017, the tearable nail polish Xiaoao Ting water-based finger color combined with retractable sanitary napkin Sophie Pocket Magic S was in Shanghai Global Harbor has opened a magic pop-up shop that "can paint color, shape by me", and you can experience Xiao Aoting's ever-changing creativity when you visit the scene in person.

Exclusive color matching, get rid of the shackles

Xiao Aoting presented a wonderful gift box for his first cooperation with Sophie. The first thing that catches your eyes when you open the gift box is the limited edition nail polish color of Little Aoting X Sophie Pocket Magic S. The packaging of Gemini proves that young women always want to change, and they are always changing their minds; vibrant and playful coral pink, lucky all-match Tiffany blue, two colors, two moods, let menstrual women get rid of the shackles and be more confident , More eye-catching!

Xiao Aoting water-based nail polish adheres to the goal of being natural and environmentally friendly. The nail polish does not add any additional chemical ingredients at all, and the raw materials are natural and pure. Xiao Aoting incorporates revolutionary and innovative inspiration into the nail polish, and uses quick-drying and tearable nail polish as its unique selling point. Compared with the general oily nail polish on the market, the biggest difference is that it has no corrosion to the nails, no penetration, and no additives. It is completely attached to the nail surface by the grip of the resin itself. Gently peel off the dried little Oting from the nails, the nail polish layer will fall off immediately, and the nail remover will immediately avoid the serious damage to the nails for a long time. Nail polish color.

Nail polish that can be torn off-Xiao Aoting water-based finger paint

Retractable sanitary napkin-Sophie Pocket Magic S

In addition to a bottle of Sophie Pocket Magic S custom-designed Little Oting Gemini water-based finger color, the gift box also includes an exclusive colorful carry-on bag for the cooperation gift box and 6 packs of Sophie Pocket Magic S, full of sincerity. However, the cooperation model is limited to 4000 sets. During the event, it will be on sale at Xiao Aoting Waterborne Fingerprint and Sophie’s Tmall flagship store on a first-come, first-served basis.

Exclusive runway, just show if you want to show

In addition to cross-border products, offline pop-up stores also hit the soul directly. At the event site, the main color comes from the color matching of the limited edition Nail Polish of Little Aoting X Sophie Pocket Magic S. Viewed from the outside, the entire pop-up shop is like an oversized retractable sanitary napkin. Stopped and stopped and found that it was actually a huge catwalk show. Interesting design makes many people want to find out.

Sophie Pocket Magic X Xiao Aoting offline pop-up store

On the side of the pop-up store, "wing area", Xiao Aoting built an exclusive lightning nail experience area. Whether you are unfamiliar with the product or an old driver who can already recite the slogan, you can experience the latest Little Aoting X Sophie Pocket Magic S exclusive color here, and you can even show your unique ingenuity and color on the runway. Change as you like, and sun it whenever you want.

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