Yan Wang came to share the secrets of protecting Yan, and the "membrane power" of the imperial mud workshop was fully opened

2022-09-26 06:02

"Yan Wang" Sun Honglei, who has few commercial activities recently, finally came out to participate in the Tmall live broadcast. When King Yan arrived, he recommended a new mask from Yunifang. What killers did Nifang offer to win the favor of "Wang Yan"? How did this new product succeed in being born for "Yan"?

In the lecture hall of Alibaba Xixi Park on the afternoon of September 25th, at the launch site of Yunifang's new products, "Wang Yan arrives, the film is fully released", the appearance of Sun Honglei filled the audience with applause. Coupled with the strength and cuteness, it attracted bursts of cheers from the audience. The ratings of "Extreme Challenge" and "Mr. Good" have achieved a good harvest, which not only allows Sun Meimei to open up new skills to sell cute criminals, but also allows her to lock in a strong fan base of all ages with her multi-faceted image. Most of the fans who showed up that day were post-95s, the same age group as the popular fresh meat fan group.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, when the host asked Shuai Lei Lei what is the secret to keeping his good looks, Sun Meimei emphasized that self-confidence is the most important thing! Every morning I get up and look in the mirror and keep saying that I am handsome, handsome, handsome, 360° selfie without blind spots, and if you have strength, you have good looks.

Jokes aside, "Yan Wang" actually relies on his acting strength and excellence to sit firmly on the face value list. In the same way, Yunifang also relies on continuous research and development of new products to carefully care for the appearance of consumers.

Ke Yan, chief R&D engineer and vice president of Yunifang, explained the product on the spot and did the adsorption experiment of silk mask cloth. Sun Honglei watched the experiment with fans and consumers. He laughed and said, "This is much better than the face gini mask I wore in "Extreme Challenge", and said that Yunifang's products can make his appearance even more powerful, which attracted a burst of laughter on the scene.

Afterwards, the protagonist of the conference made a grand debut, and the newly launched water light muscle micro-essence mineral mask was officially released under the joint witness of Tmall Beauty Director Xiang Yun, Yunifang President Wan Ma and Sun Honglei. Since the beginning of this year, live broadcasts on various platforms have been booming. According to observations, Tmall Beauty's innate fashion, advanced and other powerful genes, coupled with novel ideas and solid content, can always attract young people to buy it and succeed. Leading the live broadcast vane. Within an hour of Sun Honglei's live broadcast, the number of followers of Yunifang's Tmall flagship store successfully exceeded 4 million.

In the live broadcast, the red envelopes rained round after round, plus a signed mask, generous prizes and benefits, and star effect, which won millions of online fans likes. Sun Honglei continued to display his ability to be close to the people and funny, causing waves of screams and laughter. At the end of the event, Sun Honglei also personally presented the prizes and gave sweet hugs to the winners.

Join hands to play entertainment marketing and IP cross-border, Alibaba Juhuasuan and Yunifang have successfully planned the Disney Cute Pet Party as early as June this year. This time, Tmall Beauty and Yunifang have in-depth cooperation to bring "Yan Wang" to the concept of skin care. organically combined. Facts have proved that the popularity and appeal of Sun Honglei, a senior "artist", obviously occupies a high position in all live broadcasts, which also opens up new directions and focus for brands that are exploring live broadcast routines.

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