Yang Yuying's pure selfie looks like a school girl 40+ actresses become tender

2022-10-24 06:01

Yang Yuying

Date of Birth: May 11, 1971

1. Adequate sleep: Yang Yuying attaches great importance to the maintenance of sleep for the skin. Adequate sleep can provide enough time for the skin to repair and regenerate, and effectively delay aging. The importance of this has been mentioned in many beauty and skin care methods. . Even expensive skin care products can't match the natural repairing power brought by adequate sleep. Instead of working hard on skin care products, it is better to ensure adequate sleep every day!

2. Maintain a good attitude: As the so-called internal determines external, for Yang Yuying, adjusting the correct mentality to maintain a good attitude is essential in the skin care process. Having a good attitude can make people feel calm when looking at things, and can self-regulate in the face of bad things. A happy mood can make people's skin glow and give people a sense of spring breeze.

3. Do a good job of sun protection every day: Yang Yuying pays great attention to sun protection when she takes care of her skin. The ultraviolet rays in the sun are the natural enemies of our skin. Ultraviolet rays can cause great and irreparable damage to the skin, so sun protection is extremely important for a woman's skin care. Usually, when Yang Yuying is pruning flowers and plants at home, she does it before the sun comes out. It can be seen that our big beauties are very conscious of sun protection on weekdays.

4. Minimize makeup as much as possible: Yang Yuying said that she likes to use some natural skin care products to minimize the erosion of chemicals on the skin. I don't wear makeup when I'm not working, or light makeup. She believes that the skin on the face is extremely fragile, so try to use less products that irritate the skin, so as to reduce the burden on the skin and take good care of it.

5, do a good job of cleaning procedures: Another important aspect of skin care is to thoroughly clean the skin and do a good job of cleaning the skin. Yang Yuying believes that skin cleansing is an important part of skin care. As an artist, you have to do makeup every day, so you must clean up your skin well after work. Use some cleansing products that have deep cleansing properties, and you will feel refreshed and happy after cleansing.

6. Often drink beauty soup: Yang Yuying thinks that for health care and beauty, you should pay attention to control your diet, stay away from those unhealthy junk foods, and eat more foods that are good for your skin, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, these are basic skin care. food. In addition, drinking more soup can also help health and beauty, especially some soups have beauty and beauty effects, and the effect is very good after drinking. Beauty lovers can try to cook it by themselves.

Li Ruotong

Date of birth: August 16 (she never announced the year herself)

Back then, Li Ruotong's version of Xiaolongnu had fair skin and refined temperament, which made countless people fascinated. Now that she has come back, she is still undiminished, beautiful and charming, making it impossible to guess her age. So how does she maintain it?

1. Less makeup or light makeup: Li Ruotong rarely wears makeup, even if she wears makeup, she chooses to wear light makeup, because she believes that the substances in makeup can easily lead to accumulation of dirt in the pores, dull skin, and people with bad skin if they do not remove makeup in time If you do, it will easily lead to dull skin and enlarged pores. When she gets home, she will choose to remove makeup as soon as possible, and then use the oatmeal yogurt mask to exfoliate to prevent makeup residue.

2. The first condition for skin care is cleanliness: In addition, she believes that the first condition for skin care is cleanliness. If she feels that the skin is greasy or dirty that day, especially in the hot and humid weather in summer, she will not choose facial cleanser, but will Wash your face with a cleanser.

3. Adhere to aerobic exercise every day: Li Ruotong has a slim body and firm skin, which is closely related to her insistence on aerobic exercise every day. She usually chooses to exercise such as cycling and running. Exercise can promote the metabolism speed and accelerate the skin metabolism. , the blood circulation is accelerated, the complexion is more ruddy, the body is thinner, and it looks naturally younger.

4. Supplement more protein: After reaching a certain age, the loss of collagen in women's skin will accelerate, and if protein cannot be replenished in time, it is easy to cause facial muscles to sag and become old, and Li Ruotong usually insists on taking more photos Into collagen, lily, white fungus, isinglass, bird's nest, are the best choice for collagen.

5. Regular work and rest: Li Ruotong, who has experienced irregular work and rest for many years, retired from the entertainment industry, and insisted on going to bed at 10 o'clock every day and getting up at six o'clock every day. Such a work and rest rule can effectively adjust endocrine problems. Many women's skin problems are due to endocrine problems. It was caused by the problem, and Li Ruotong's usual routine kept her skin white and tender.

Zhou Haimei

Date of Birth: December 6, 1966

Zhou Haimei, who is about to reach the age of fifty ! In fact, her maintenance method is very simple!

1. Favorite beauty sleep: Zhou Haimei said that her secret recipe is very simple, that is, sleep, facial mask and vitamins. She also admitted that her personality is like a cat, and her favorite thing to do is to sleep beauty sleep, and a regular life is also essential , like she is filming a movie for a year or two, so she won't make herself very tired.

2. Light diet: Zhou Haimei, who usually only performs simple cleansing and toning on her skin, is not very interested in the facial masks that many female stars are keen on. She only wears facial masks when she thinks of it in her spare time when she is not filming. Instead, she compares her diet. Notice. She said that she will try to eat light food as much as possible to speed up the digestion in the body, which can effectively excrete toxins from the body, and the skin is naturally healthy and rosy.

3. Weekend fasting for skin: Nowadays, the "weekend fasting" method is very popular among white-collar beauties, which is also Zhou Haimei's favorite skin care method. Zhou Haimei said that if she didn't film, she wouldn't even put on the mask, and when she was filming, her attitude towards the mask was "just put it on when you think of it".

The skin has a self-healing ability. Relying on too many "exquisite" skin care products for a long time will cause the skin's ability to adjust to deteriorate. It is very easy to appear in the event of a change. If you reduce the amount of skin care products in a timely manner, it will stimulate the skin's operation and make the skin condition worse. stability. Therefore, timely help the skin "clear the stomach", and then the absorption of skin care products will be faster.

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