Yao Chen Zhuangshan Russian supermodel PK body and gas field have won

2022-11-21 06:01

On the 26th, the Russian supermodel Anne V attended the premiere of the movie "Mandela: A Long Road to Freedom" in New York. Anne appeared gracefully in a sleeveless dress with Versace relief in the fall of 2013. This dress happened to be the hot mom Yao Chen who was promoting the new film "Control" before.

As a model, Anne did not inferior to the catwalk model Xi Mengyao when she performed this little dress, but unlike Yao Chen, Anne V chose to use a black belt to draw out the waist, giving the original dress a touch of morning feel. .

Our new hot mom Yao Chen kept the original shape of the skirt and chose to modify the overall look with accessories. At the same time, compared with the two supermodels, Yao Chen, who is still breastfeeding, has recovered to perfect body. His legs are slender and straight. Even without the shape of a belt, he still has a slender waist and a flat abdomen.

In this round, Da Yao won!

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