Year-end awards are used to buy skin care products, why are they still getting ugly

2022-10-17 06:02

There's a reason why my face is getting ugly

With the increase of age, all skin problems are related to the accelerated loss of collagen and moisture in the body, and skin problems such as aging and dry lines begin to occur frequently. Compared with various quick-acting remedies of expensive skin care products, in fact, it is still very palliative, but it is wise to start developing skin care habits of internal and external repair as soon as possible, and kill skin problems in the cradle.

You have to do this, both inside and outside the skin care Dafa.

Ultraviolet rays are the number one killer of skin collagen loss. It can penetrate the dermis, destroy elastic fibers and collagen in the dermis, and accelerate the loss of collagen in the skin. It can be seen that the importance of sun protection, even in autumn and winter, do not ignore sun protection homework. After all, getting black is small, and getting old is troublesome.

However, it is important to protect the skin from sunscreen and antioxidants before going out every day to minimize the damage of free radicals to the skin, but it is also essential to take foods and beauty drinks that supplement antioxidants. Such as carotenoids, vitamins A, C, E, reduce the damage of free radicals to collagen, vitamin C can effectively promote the synthesis of collagen in the body. In addition, eat more foods with high collagen content, such as pig feet, chicken wings, beef tendon, chicken feet, fish skin, etc. The skins and bones of these animals are rich in gelatin, but be careful not to overeat to avoid high cholesterol. If conditions permit, direct oral administration of collagen products is also possible.

POLA Zhenhong Biai Beauty Cream

The dense and rich cream melts into an essential oil texture, like a smooth essential oil, deeply cares for every inch of skin, instantly absorbs and penetrates, and continuously replenishes moisture.

Opalite Long-lasting Muscle Bottom Circulation Serum (Basic Type)

Drain the skin circulation, burst out the transmission force from the inside of the skin, calmly resist the external damage to the skin such as dryness and the decline of the skin health level, so that the skin can achieve a good circulation state

Dream Makeup Peony Firming Essence

Enriched with Double Lifting Serum with Peach Bud Extract, Salicylic Acid and Peony Lifting Serum Pore-Lifting.

Winona Clear Sunscreen

Mild and clear formula, refreshing and non-greasy, no added fragrance, pigment and allergenic preservatives, NONASORB MS UV isolation system, SPF30 PA+++, can effectively fight UVA/UVB damage to the skin, prevent skin sunburn, and relieve skin irritation .

After Cleansing Smoothing Serum

This essence contains 55.5% of Gongjin Midan culture fluid, which improves skin circulation from the bottom layer of the skin, improves skin complexion, moisturizes and hydrates, removes anger and calms the skin. Use the first step after cleansing to introduce the essence to quickly inject moisture into the tight skin after cleansing, wake up the skin, remove the anger and puffiness for the puffy skin in the morning, maintain the skin circulation and make the skin bright and shiny.

Su Mi 37° (SU: M37°) Zhenyuan Mystery Skin Conditioning Serum

The revolutionary natural fermentation core ingredient Cytosis? helps the skin to continuously enhance its self-repair ability and improve the skin's health.

Meisu Ginseng Regenerating Serum

It has a powerful regeneration power, infuses energy into the skin layer by layer, beyond single surface repair, and one bottle triggers triple regeneration. Meisu has passed more than 20 scientific verifications such as in vitro cell experiments, heavy ion strong radiation extreme environmental tests, and human efficacy tests. It has been proved from the three aspects of epidermis, muscle base and dermis that ginseng regeneration essence can bring triple-strength regeneration to oriental skin. force.

Chocola BB Skin Beauty Pill

The main ingredient of this product is the low-molecular-weight fish collagen peptide that can really be absorbed by the human body. Remove low-molecular-weight collagen, but also with 6 kinds of vitamins to balance your beauty.

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