You can learn to wear the same style in the final drama of "Beijing Women's Illustrated Book"

2022-12-26 06:02

A woman’s material desire is most intuitively reflected in her clothing. The process from Chen Ke’s first entry to Beijing to becoming an elite is the process of reconciling her ambitions and desires, and at the same time, her appearance has undergone tremendous changes. . From the beginning of the city with a little rustic to the final gorgeous Nirvana, her clothing has completed an earth-shaking advancement. At the end of the play, Chen Ke smiled and said that she had nothing. She made us understand that there is no one who must be together in this world, but there is a self who must be spoiled. Today, let’s take a look at the same paragraph from Chen Ke in the show!

Brand-name bags are the driving force of desire and struggle

Look 1

In addition to the career development, Chen Ke's Louis Vuitton bag dream road is also wonderful. From the first time I saw the backpack on the orange back of the fashion editor, Chen Ke's dream of chasing the bag began to be out of control. After dumping the affordable male Zhang Chao, the first thing I turned around, I went to the Louis Vuitton store to swipe the credit card to buy a Neverfull. Chen Ke's desire for the Louis Vuitton bag is a desire that every woman may face in the process of struggle. There is nothing wrong with you and me. However, this cautious posture is obviously not a state of enjoying the bag, but a nightmare controlled by the latter.

Look 2

After changing jobs, breaking up, and putting on Louis Vuitton on his back, Chen Ke met Gao Fu and Shuai Yu Yang. When she made dangerous moves, got herself drunk, and vomited with her only brand-name bag, she asked Yu Yang to give her a chance, and she succeeded in gaining a rich, handsome boyfriend and a bigger boyfriend. More expensive Chanel bags. This bag is also a sign of changing Chen Ke in the play. From Louis Vuitton bought with a loan to Chanel being given away by her boyfriend, while her material desires were initially satisfied, she was also lost in the pursuit of desire and vanity.

Chanel GST is a classic handbag. It has become one of Chanel's best-selling handbag series because of its suitable size, easy use, and large logo. It is generally very suitable as an entry-level model of Chanel.

Look 3

This Chanel appeared when Chen Ke and Yu Yang had a good relationship. After that, Chen Ke had a rich second-generation boyfriend, and he was more confident when he bought a bag. The classic double-C overlap logo is a "spiritual symbol" that makes countless Chanel fans crazy, and an eternal temptation for women.

Look 4

There are very few shots of this bag in the play. It was taken when Chen Ke went to the hospital to see a client. This bag also represents that her strong desire for materialism was satisfied through love, but she also understood that love is not all through failure. The Alma BB handbag originated from the Louis Vuitton classic bag designed in 1934. This mini handbag made of patent leather Monogram Vernis can easily hold keys, wallets, mobile phones and other items. At the same time, it is equipped with a detachable strap for light and cross-body use.

Look 5

The handbag produced by Strathberry, a niche brand from Scotland, has an extraordinary charm in itself. Its unique handle design, simple and smooth lines, with a harmonious and advanced sense of rich color and changeable patterns, all kinds of styles are unique. Handcrafted by Spanish senior craftsmen, it has long stood out from the niche brands.

Look 6

This bag appeared when Chen Ke was moving alone late at night. She was helpless and desperate when she was sick, but chose to face it alone. Gucci Soho series became popular in 2015, among which Soho Disco bag is the most popular, full of nostalgia.

The Soho metal texture mini leather chain handbag is used as a wallet that can be carried on the back. Because of its small size and tassels, color and details, it can become a high-end handbag for dinner parties.

When the clothes are subtracted, the clothes will also improve

When he first entered the workplace, Chen Ke liked all kinds of sweet and shabby shirts and sweaters, each of which revealed a girl's first experience in fashion.

Chen Ke really found her own style when she was 30 years old. At the age of 30, she had experienced the turmoil, and behind her was a golden horse. Taste has also been improved in his own groping.

Bu Kewen's autumn and winter models of black patterned turtleneck sweaters and printed skirts will fascinate Chen Ke. Showcasing the high-end dress taste of women in the workplace, fashionable and unrestrained.

CDG has always focused on abstinence-based black. In addition to the iconic red heart logo, the polka dot element has always been used very well. This red polka-dot skirt is fully in line with Chen Ke's youthful temperament at this time. Paired with a turtleneck sweater of the same color, it looks elegant and interesting.

Chen Ke, who entered the workplace, went smoothly and his career was flourishing. This FRENKEN pink suit is simple and elegant, but different from the dull and solemn of the traditional color system. The red bean paste pink is more stable and is a must for exquisite OL in the workplace.

This coat appeared after Chen Ke had completely become an exquisite woman in the workplace, and his requirements continued to rise. No longer just ask for good looks, but also pay attention to the brand. The Chanel twill style has been very popular in the past two years, and Liu Wen and William Chan have become its captives. The tweed jacket has a unique design and texture, and the pearl buttons are more noble.

The cloak-style tweed is also a good helper to highlight the aura.

The 30-year-old Chen Ke has tension in her beauty. Although her love journey has been bumpy, it is these experiences that make her precipitate. She did not have the vows and panic when she first arrived in Beijing, and she did not have the pride when she first made achievements. Chen Ke, who slowly walked through the fog, learned to control ambition and desire, confident and calm, strong and independent.

The monster of desire can't be fed, and the more you want it, the more you will fall into the predicament of desiring it. Even if you choose to marry an ordinary man, you will fall into the predicament that you cannot maintain an ordinary marriage. Although many people don't understand why Chen Ke chose Dr. Xu, who has a child, in the end.

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