You can't help but want to tear apart the skin of your ex-boyfriend and lips

2022-10-10 06:02

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Hello everyone~

Following last week's Canada Goose rollover, Mentholatum also rolled over! !

The reason is that the quality inspection of a men's lip balm is not up to standard, although it is men's, but! Yes! As a major brand of lipstick, this kind of situation can happen, then... (I dare not think about it)

Especially now in the autumn and winter seasons, everyone's reliance on lipstick is also increasing. For example, some time ago, because I didn't take good care of my lips, my lips were peeling and cracking. When I couldn't help tearing the dead skin, it would bleed. !

I had to go to the doctor to prescribe an ointment, but at this time it really is useless to put on any lipstick! If this happens to everyone, remember to seek medical attention immediately! Otherwise, it will become more and more serious, and it may cause cheilitis!

But in the final analysis, the lips are a delicate part. The skin of the lips is very thin, and it is easy to be stimulated by the outside world, which can lead to allergies, peeling, etc.;

So in a dry environment, the moisture loss is faster, it is easier to feel dry, and of course it is easier to peel and crack~

Next let me list a few of the culprits that cause our lip problems, and see if you have any!

1. Habitual licking of lips

I actually have this bad problem myself, I like to lick it twice when I have nothing to do, especially now that I don't drink water in time, my lips are always dry, and I lick it subconsciously, but this is really a big mistake !

If you don't lick more and more, I will walk backwards! Every day, you can use a tissue or makeup sheet moistened with pure water, and gently apply it on your lips to avoid friction as much as possible. And drink plenty of water to replenish water in time~

2. Obsessive-compulsive disorder

My mouth is a little peeled and my hands are itchy. I can't wait to peel off the skin of the whole lip (my mouth hurts when I type this line...) Anyone who has torn the skin of the mouth knows that the edges of the dead skin are very good. Tear off, but there are still some parts that are connected to the lips. If you forcibly tear it off, you will not say it if it hurts, and the blood will flow for a while!

So, if you don't want to get cheilitis, keep your hands on it!

3. Smear lip balm lipstick

Many lipsticks on the market today may add some irritating ingredients because they want to achieve a certain effect, and some more sensitive sisters must not be able to tolerate them, and it is very likely that the lips are still dry and peeling. Therefore, sisters who feel that it is serious after applying it, must stop using it in time, and seek medical attention if necessary!

I applied an expired lip glaze once before, and the next day, there was a big blister on my lips, which was super painful! Sisters also remember to pay attention to the shelf life of their lipsticks, don't be like me...

Having said that, let's talk about how to choose this lipstick? How can I find the right lipstick for me?

1. See the main ingredients

The principle of lip balm is to form a protective barrier to facilitate moisturizing, so the main ingredient must be oil~

The better oils are vegetable oils and animal oils, which are relatively safe and non-irritating~

Be careful not to buy lip balm with mineral oil as the main ingredient, because it is obtained by fractional distillation of petroleum. The more you apply it, the more dry it will be, it will penetrate the skin and cause damage, which is not worth the loss!

2. See emulsifiers and binders

In addition to oil, there is another very important ingredient in lipstick, which is emulsifier and adhesive. The more common one is beeswax extracted from honeycomb. Because it is a natural ingredient, it is also very safe~

Care should be taken to avoid the purchase of ceresin and microcrystalline wax, which may cause irritation to the skin!

3. Pay attention to preservatives and fragrance ingredients

The addition of preservatives and flavors to lip balms must not be avoided. If they are added improperly, they are likely to be allergic...

Among the preservatives, vitamin E is relatively safe, and if it is fragrance, try to choose a lip balm that does not add fragrance or adds natural plant fragrance to avoid discomfort~

4. Pay attention to the lip balm of sunscreen

Although it is said that the skin of the lips is thin and it is possible to get sunburned, the chemical sunscreen added in some lipsticks is a total leak! Therefore, sisters who are more sensitive, don't use sunscreen on the lips first, health matters!

5. Avoid mint and phenol

I believe that many sisters have used the kind of lip balm that feels cool as soon as you put it on your mouth. This is because mint and phenol are added to it. Although it is cool and comfortable, it will accelerate the drying of our lips. May cause peeling...

Well, after learning about this, let me recommend some easy-to-use and reliable lipsticks to you, I hope I can give you a reference~

Burt's Bee Lip Balm

The ingredients of this stick are quite natural. It uses natural beeswax, and there are no messy artificial ingredients. It is mainly non-greasy and non-sticky to the hair. In fact, the feeling of using it is that the paste is relatively hard.

It's not particularly easy to apply, especially when the lips are peeling and it hurts a bit, it hurts a bit... But for the sake of its good ingredients, I forgive!

There are many flavors to choose from, and none of them are artificial flavors. You can try it with confidence~ I have used the flavorless one from his family before, Dabaa! There is no fragrance added, the original smell of beeswax is too strong, not very good!

Yiquan night lipstick

Yiquan's day and night lipsticks are recommended by many people, but I think the white tube is not particularly easy to use during the day, and it is mediocre, while the blue tube at night really amazes me! First of all, this one is fragrance-free and tasteless, which is very reassuring~

And its texture is really moist, I like this very much, it feels very wrapped, I usually apply it thickly before going to bed, the dead skin on my lips will all float up the next day, when I wash my face Just rub it lightly and it's clean~

APIEU Honey Lip Oil

The ingredients of this one are also very wrong. Honey extract plus milk extract and vitamin E are safe to say~ My favorite is its brush head, which is very large and has some curvature, just brush it twice. Painted the whole mouth~

Because the texture is sticky and sticky, I usually apply it before going to bed, and it has a great lethality on dead skin haha! Sisters who dislike its sticky texture can see that it also has a thin and light model suitable for daytime use, it seems to be good~

Vaseline Rose Lipstick

Vaseline itself is actually a kind of mineral oil, so those who are particularly sensitive should avoid it first~ But the brand of Vaseline has a long history, and the products are scientifically developed, and the safety is relatively reliable~ Although this It looks like a lip mask, but it still feels more like a lip balm when used. It's not that kind of fake moisturizing and slippery, but it really feels moisturizing~

But its design is really a bit tasteless, it's hard to dig it down below, I see some sisters pack it into lipstick tubes, it looks pretty good, it can be 414~

Lifetime Research Coffee Lip Cream

This one was really windy before, and the ingredients were not bad. I couldn't help but buy it and try it! It is said that it can lighten the lip color and lip lines, but I have no feeling after using it. The moisturizing degree is really good, and the mouth is tender after applying it~

When I first put it on my mouth, it has a matte and matte feel, but it becomes moisturizing after a while. Compared with using it as a lip balm base during the day, I prefer to use it as a lip mask at night. It belongs to the kind that can only be seen after long-term use~

Zhiben lip balm

Now when I want to search for a certain category, I can see that many people spontaneously recommend our domestic products, I am really happy! In fact, it is a domestic brand that is not very popular in making products. I have been repurchasing its facial cleanser before, and it is very easy to use!

Some time ago, I found that its lip balm has a good reputation, so hurry up! There are two types, the white tube is moisturizing and the blue tube is light-textured. In comparison, the blue tube is more moisturizing. They are both moisturizing and not greasy, and the feeling of use is very good!

In general, lipstick is the honey of the first and the arsenic of the second~ Everyone still has to choose the one that suits you according to your own situation.

Don't use the product blindly, please seek medical attention in time if necessary~ Okay, see you in the next issue~

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