You must not know one thing more important than wearing a mask

2022-11-21 06:02

Good afternoon, babies, it's time for the business hours of Nagging Xiaobian again~

Recently, all walks of life are in the stage of resumption of work one after another, and the editor is no exception. A few days ago, I began to devote myself to the crowded Metro Line 1 again. What is even more devastating is that I have to wear a mask from morning to night! And as a very poor student in the mask industry, sometimes in order to save masks, I don't want to throw them away when I go back, and I have to continue to wear them for ventilation! (It's too awful)

I have to endure the wet mask sticking to my face every day. Who can stand it (thinking about it, I get goosebumps all over)~ When I got home and took off the mask, my face was shiny and red, and I had to clean my face at night. After doing it for half an hour, the face can relax a little.

Come on, have you moved the small bench? The bell has already rang~

Daily Cleaning / Facial Cleansing Products

There is a kind of confusing behavior: the cream essence is expensive to buy, but the facial cleanser is just a bottle from the supermarket. I believe there are plenty of people who fit this behavior. I have acne-prone face but I use a face wash that is prone to acne, dry skin is dry to death but I use a soap-based face wash, and I often push the pot on the face wash (a twisted melon is not sweet~ )

There are only two reasons, one is not knowing enough about your skin type, and the other is not knowing enough about the product. With the increasingly complicated steps of skin care and makeup, skin cleaning is becoming more and more important, and if the cleaning work is not in place, the follow-up skin care work is not in vain.

For facial cleansing products, the main problem is the love-hate relationship between amino acids and soap bases, so before we start Amway, let's enter a short segment of popular science & rumors.

Q1: How to distinguish amino acid and soap base?

Let's not talk about those hype-like theoretical knowledge, and get straight to the point.

Amino acids are well understood. For example, amino acid facial cleanser is generally a cleansing product made of amino acid foaming agent as the main foaming agent, so we can infer that if you see “××× amino acids” in the ingredient list, there is no soap base. The ingredients, that is a very pure amino acid facial cleanser!

(example of soap base)

Soap-based facial cleanser mainly obtains fatty acid soap after saponification reaction, so if "XX acid" and "hydroxide ×" appear at the same time in the ingredient list, it means that the soap base has not run away.

Q2: Soap-based facial cleanser is not as good as amino acid facial cleanser?

Not really. I have to say that the soap-based facial cleanser is really miserable. Like the shampoo containing silicone oil, because of the super cleaning power of the soap base, it directly leads to the road of being demonized.

In fact, because we know that excessive cleaning will damage the skin, the current soap-based facial cleanser will consciously add some acidic ingredients to keep it neutral or weakly acidic. Just like many high-end ladies still use soap-based formulas for their facial cleansers, they do a good job of balancing the ingredients, which not only ensures the cleaning power, but also does not dry or astringent after washing.

So sisters, please treat the soap base rationally, as long as you use the right method (follow the principles of small frequency, small dosage, and short time), the soap base can be used normally without damaging the skin.

Amino acids①

Zhiben Soothing Facial Cleanser

Applicable skin type: oily skin, sensitive skin

Reference price: 55RMB

We use a lot of amino acid facial cleansers, such as Elta, Rnw, etc. . . It was about to be smashed, and the one to be recommended this time is completely worthy of the title of the light of domestic products. This cleansing and repairing cleanser is called the affordable version of Fleece, and it seems to suffer from a loss in price. In my opinion, the strength is completely comparable, especially its equally superior feeling of use.

After all, it belongs to the amino acid cleanser. It is mild and strong, and it is not irritating at all. The taste is light rose fragrance, and the texture will be a little thin, but it does not affect the quality of its foam, which is rich and soft.

Of course, the most satisfying thing is that it has just the right skin feel. After washing, it is not tight or slippery. It is not enough for a little more or less, and the price is invincible!

Amino acids ②

Pond's Bright Rice Cleanser

Applicable skin type: Combination oily skin

Reference price: 39RMB

For the connoisseurs who are more keen on cheap and good things, you should have heard about Pond's Rice Pure Cleanser. Don't look down on it because it only costs one hand cream. I have used more than a dozen and it never works. I've never been disappointed.

First of all, the basic cleansing effect is very ok~ The texture is a slightly thick paste, and it is easy to foam with a little water.

Facial cleansers that are often too cheap always have some flaws. This one is neither slippery nor tight after washing. It is a bit better than some big brands I have used before, and even this one is even better in taste! This is suitable for those who do not need to deeply cleanse the face in the morning~

Soap base ①

Elisir Refreshing Facial Cleanser

Applicable skin type: Combination oil sensitive skin (moisturizing version)

Reference price: 179RMB

The last time I mentioned that Yilisier was still in Amway Lotion, and recently I took a fancy to its facial cleanser. I am afraid that this layer of good-feeling filter will not be wiped off. At that time, I didn't think much about this facial cleanser. I just wanted to change it for freshness, but I didn't expect it to be easy to use.

The taste is relatively ordinary, there is no very healing fragrance, but the foam is very dense, the size of soybeans is enough to produce a large amount of bubbles, and it is very delicate, it is not comfortable on the face, and it is easy to rinse.

If you ask for a facial cleanser to shrink pores and the like, what's the difference between being a hooligan? Although this facial cleanser does not improve skin problems, it does feel that the skin is in a great condition after washing, smooth and tender, and this condition can be maintained for a long time. In short, I like it!

Soap base ②

POLA Black BA Cleansing Balm

Applicable skin type: Combination oily skin sensitive skin

Reference price: 790RMB

First of all, Amway has to admit that it is indeed purely following the trend to start this one. If the wind is too big, it will not work, so I will start in a hurry! As a member of the Appearance Society, I love the look of it so much! Before I bought it, I always thought that black BA was black, but when the goose got it, it was found to be a gradient of black and gray. This texture is very advanced just imagine!

When you squeeze it out, you can smell a kind of Japanese aroma, the texture is a glossy paste, and it also belongs to a category with very rich foam. but! More worthy of praise, it should be its stamina!

Although it is a soap base, it can hardly feel the irritation. The most important thing is that after washing, even if you don’t rub skin care products for 10 minutes, your face will not be obviously tight and dry, and it will remain fresh for a period of time. The oil will not come out so fast. Once again, I deeply appreciate the power of RMB. This wave of investment is worth it!

Regular cleansing/cleansing mask

Over time, the stratum corneum of the skin becomes thicker and thicker, and the oil becomes more and more prosperous. At this time, the long-term demands of the skin can no longer be satisfied by simply using the facial cleanser. Occasionally, deep cleansing is required.

At present, the two common types of cleansing masks on the market are the mud cream type and the tear-off type. Especially the tear-off type mask, it's just a word to tear it up, cool! (OCD imagine it yourself).

However, it is necessary to emphasize that the number of uses must not be greedy! Like this powerful cleansing product, once a week is almost the same, the effect is just right (dry skin can extend the interval appropriately), excessive use must be detrimental to the health of the keratin, and if it is serious, it will ruin your skin care results for a month.

Mud type①

Yuemu Zhiyuan Mud Doll Mask

Applicable skin type: combination oily sensitive skin

Reference price: 200RMB

As my first experience as a cleansing mask, I have to say that the effect is really 8 mistakes! The cleaning strength is visible to the naked eye, and it will not be very irritating after application. If you have sensitive skin, it is normal for the skin to reject. So it depends on how you accept it~

The texture of the clay doll is very thick paste, although it is not easy to push, but it feels very soft, but I still recommend to pat some water on the face before applying it, so as not to be too tight. affect the user experience. (Friendly reminder: don't watch variety shows, it's easy to collapse)

The effect after applying it is really amazing. For example, my skin is oily, and it dries up after about 15 minutes. After washing my face, not only does it feel much smoother, but whiteheads will appear on the surface, so I use an acne needle. It’s ok to scrape it off (my favorite process hhh~), and finally don’t forget to put on a moisturizing mask to soothe it, don’t be lazy!

Paste type ②

Swisse Honey Cleansing Mask

Applicable skin type: acne-prone mixed oily skin

Reference price: 89RMB

Swisse? Isn't this a brand that focuses on health and wellness? Well, I'm ignorant, and its skin care line is actually very successful. Like this honey cleansing mask, it doesn't take much marketing routines, but it is as popular at home and abroad as volcanic mud.

The color is a very classic mud ash. Although it is a mud mask, the texture is very smooth. It feels like adding honey, and it feels comfortable on the face. It smells a little honey and has a strong almond flavor. In short, if you are very demanding about the taste, you can start directly!

Of course, the main inspection is still the feeling of use. After applying it, it is cool and cool. If the face is occasionally too dry, you will feel some tingling, but this pain is also equivalent to sprinkling water. Grains of pore oil are being sucked out, looking super amazing! After drying and washing off, the skin is moist and clear, and the condition is great! What it means to be cheap and efficient is that it provokes~

Tear type①

Sulwhasoo Yurong peel off mask

Applicable skin type: oily sensitive skin

Reference price: 265RMB

My first impression of Sulwhasoo is that it is expensive, but it is really only after using it that I can see its charm! How should I put it, Sulwhasoo's products are not the kind of products that are amazing after just one use, especially the long-lasting product like a peel-off mask, which is a test of patience. After all, blackheads and pores have always been a protracted battle.

The extruded mask is a viscous caramel-colored paste. When smearing it, you need to spread it evenly quickly. When it is dry, you can start to tear it off. The word tearing always sounds a bit rough, but Sulwhasoo's is relatively mild. Before applying a little lotion, it is easy to protect the skin. Not only will there be no tingling during subsequent tearing, but the process is very wonderful!

I usually use a cleanser to wash my face after tearing it off. The skin tone will be obviously brightened for a while, and the luster is also very good, but I still have to mention that if you want to completely remove blackheads or something with a cleanser, you should wake up. , it's just a simple cleaning product~

Tear type ②

Shiseido shiso peel off mask

Applicable skin type: Combination oily acne skin

Reference price: 260RMB

The waso series is a relatively unpopular skin care line of Shiseido. It focuses on rejuvenation. For example, this shiso peel-off mask pays more attention to antioxidant needs. The unpopular is unpopular, and the use effect is unambiguous. figure it out.

The added high-concentration red perilla leaf extract is a good hand in anti-oxidation! And it also has a certain repairing effect on the skin. It can reduce the loss of water while cleaning. As a cleansing mask, it does not even have a skin care homework, it is reliable!

The paste is purplish red with a bit of pearly light, slightly thick, and requires a little technical content to spread, and you can feel tight after applying it. Although it requires a certain amount of expression management, the effect is not bad. After application, the skin is smooth and tender (wait for a little peeling and then peel it off). In general, there is nothing wrong with this gentle skin feel, and its performance is very good!

okk, our facial cleaning is over here, I am really a talker, I have typed so many words without knowing it, cleaning seems to be very simple, but if you continue to wash it, it will be even more difficult to keep up with now The trend of skin care is now, everyone is secretly carrying you to become beautiful, why don't you take action!

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