Yu Sai Custom Prescription Refined Face Essence Media Salon

2022-07-27 12:06

Introduction: (March 2013, Beijing) If the concept of advanced customization is applied to the field of skin care, what kind of revolutionary products will it bring? On March 27, 2013, Yuxi epoch-making applied the concept of exclusive customization to the field of skin care, combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory and high-tech extraction technology, and solemnly launched the world's first, one-person, one-person customized new product of traditional Chinese medicine skin care-customized prescription for exquisite appearance Essence. In order to better interpret this revolutionary product in the field of skin care, Yu Sai specially chose the location of Beijing's new art landmark---Times Art Museum, combining technology and aesthetic skin care art to convey that the brand has been insisting on innovation and fashion way to reinterpret the concept of Chinese beauty. The modern and fashionable on-site layout and the high-tech presentation form that runs through the entire venue make the theory of traditional Chinese medicine full of new vitality. At the event, Mr. Xiao Kai, a popular celebrity in the field of skin care, was specially invited to attend the event to witness and experience the release of this new product with trans-era significance with guests, business elites and the media.

This new product release broke the traditional inherent model of traditional skin care brands, and innovatively allowed the guests to experience the whole new and unique customized skin care process through a multi-faceted high-tech self-service experience. Yuxi drew the essence from the broad TCM theory of "looking, smelling, asking, and cutting", and divided the event site into four areas: diagnosis, pressing, adjusting, and presenting. Guests can roam the event site in sequence, and experience the whole process from TCM skin diagnosis to obtaining exclusive formulas and products in a 360-degree experience - opening a new era of TCM customized skin care!

Yuxi's original four processes of "diagnosing, pressing, adjusting, and presenting" describe the concept of exclusive customization: testing and follow-up of diagnosis, listening and thinking according to hearing, tailoring of adjustment, and finished product.

1. In the "diagnosis" area, test the skin and trace the origin. Through the five comfortable seats installed on site, the guests were able to experience the customized skin beauty consultation method of traditional Chinese medicine. Yuxi's first customized TCM skin consultation method, inspired by TCM philosophy, based on TCM theory, based on individual differences, scientifically analyzes the skin color, pores and muscles that Chinese women are most concerned about from various aspects such as age, living habits, work pressure, etc. The cause and severity of the three major types of skin problems, including wrinkles, are given the most targeted conditioning plan from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine and an exclusive customized skin care formula for each person, so that the skin can also enjoy luxury and customized care.

Teacher Xiao Kai

2. Press the area to hear the source of news and wisdom. In the form of an audio-visual museum, Yuxi presents the brand and product video materials and new product development concepts to everyone at close range, so that the guest media can more systematically understand the product concept and use experience of the customized beauty essence. The five stunning LED screens deeply interpret the brand goal of Yuxi adhering to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine skin care, focusing on the research of Chinese women's skin, and constantly innovating and developing the most suitable products for Chinese women.

3. "Adjustment" area, tailor-made, on-site deployment. Through three unique "personalized customized deployment rooms", guests will experience the exclusive deployment process on the spot and experience unprecedented high-end customized services. The three major themes of national essence, future technology and gorgeous rainbow reflect the unique positioning of this innovative product. The "Essence of the Country" room shows the brand's tribute to China's broad and profound traditional Chinese medicine theory through the decorative elements of traditional Chinese medicine shops and "dispensers" dressed in Hanfu; the "Future Technology" room is full of future technology. The "dispenser" of the space suit emphasizes that Yuxi has a strong high-tech R&D force and extraction technology, which can maximize the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine and solve the three major problems of Chinese women's skin more safely and effectively; and "gorgeous rainbow" In the room, the three precious traditional Chinese medicine elements (french fungus, angelica, and ginseng) are endowed with agile artistic life in an innovative form, making the guests feel as if they are in the fantasy world of Chinese herbal medicine, and feel the new era of Chinese medicine skin care.

4. "Present" area, customized works, perfect presentation. After meticulous skin testing, all guests will receive their own Yuxi custom-made delicate face essence in the blending room, and they will be the first to experience the customized skin care plan of traditional Chinese medicine. Afterwards, Yu Sai presented each guest with an unexpected surprise gift - a unique and creative personality portrait, which brought a perfect ending to the event. The whole process of self-service experience and luxurious customized services are perfectly integrated, fully demonstrating Yu Sai's unique and creative product development concept and the unswerving concept of traditional Chinese medicine skin care!

As a pioneer brand in the field of traditional Chinese medicine beauty, Yuxi has been continuously innovating and developing, providing high-tech extraction of traditional Chinese medicine beauty solutions, and leading the trend of custom skin care in traditional Chinese medicine!

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