Za Ji Rui Launches New Clear Makeup Remover

2023-01-09 06:01

makeup remover? Too sticky. Makeup remover? too complicated. Makeup remover wipes? too rough. The seemingly simple makeup remover contains mystery, to save time and effort, and to keep the skin hydrated in the dry and sensitive weather in the changing seasons, the Za star cleansing family will solve your problems for you, and the new Za Ji Rui Cleansing Makeup Remover is a strong attack: for those who love beauty While bringing all-round products of makeup removal, cleansing and moisturizing to urban women, it proposes four major concepts of "cleansing, transparent, moisturizing and efficient", and also expresses the eternal essence of skin cleansing: the less complicated, the more extraordinary; The first step to beautiful, healthy, youthful skin!

Convenient moisturizing, cleaning power MAX

Makeup removal is no longer a hassle

The heavy work every day and the fast-paced life make people breathless. Although every urban woman understands the importance of removing makeup, it is often difficult to stick to the cleaning work to the end. I always look forward to a product that combines makeup removal, facial cleansing, and maintenance. With a single swipe, it removes dirt, removes "makeup" equipment, and returns you to a clean, bright and hydrated self.

Za Jirui is well aware of the multiple needs of urban women for makeup removal. The newly launched Cleansing Makeup Remover can not only effectively and thoroughly remove the residual makeup surface and the dirt deep in the pores, it is refreshing and moisturizing without drying, with zero residue and zero greasy feeling. The gentle formula leaves skin clear, radiant, and hydrated without feeling tight. The simple and efficient method of use is also a boon for busy urban women: no need to rub and wash or re-cleanse, just swipe on the face to remove dead skin cells and melanocytes, leaving skin radiant and rejuvenated in seconds" The undressed goddess".

Cleverly reduce the burden on the bag

Skincare secrets for travel

A full set of cleaning and maintenance is often impossible during travel, but as a sophisticated and fashionable urban woman, it is an essential task to take care of your skin at all times, insist on thorough cleaning, and maintain the best condition. Taking into account your travel needs, Za carefully designed a small and cute Za Purifying Makeup Remover in a limited portable pack. The 45ML capacity allows you to travel easily. Even in a small cabin, it can easily remove the oil and dirt generated by the skin during long-distance travel, and its moisturizing ingredients can also keep the face moist, preventing the dry air in the cabin from invading the skin.

Change your makeup at will

Emergency "makeup" secret weapon

OL's daily makeup always requires commuting safety, but after get off work invitations to various dating parties, does it make you rush to touch up the original makeup, only to find that the bright colors can not bring out the beautiful facial features?

In order to save time, Za Ji Rui Cleansing Makeup Remover, which does not require rubbing and washing, and does not need to be cleaned again, has become the first choice. Dip the makeup remover with a cotton swab and gently wipe the smudged eye area to remove makeup locally until there is no makeup residue. Then use a cotton pad dipped in makeup remover to remove the dissolved base makeup from the bottom to the top and from the inside to the outside, and at the same time deeply replenish moisture, inject moisturizing energy into the tired, dry and rough skin after a day of work, and lay a good foundation for the follow-up makeup. The foundation of , so that you can easily create a perfect makeup after get off work, and click "beautiful" night!

In late summer and early autumn, do you want to choose the right makeup remover that is "must have for travel" and "quick makeup change"? Let Za Ji Rui Clear Makeup Remover bring ALL-IN-ONE cleansing experience to your skin.

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