Zhou Dongyu and Zhao Liying teach you how to match bangs and braids

2022-06-09 15:00

Before cutting bangs, you must have admired countless beautiful pictures and imagined that you cut them like this: not only stylish and full of air, but also very docile and easy to take care of.

However, it is the norm that the bangs are cut off! Even the stars can't escape the fate of banging out of shape:

The broken bangs are both difficult to take care of and affect the mood. How to avoid embarrassment when going out? In fact, it is enough to learn a few simple braids!

Style1, temperament braids bangs

Whether it's a bangs cut or an embarrassing period that is neither too long nor too short, as long as it's not too short, you can play some tricks, which is very suitable for girls with short hair.

Although Zhou Dongyu, the ghost horse elf, cuts his hair shorter and shorter, his love for bangs is only increasing! The small braids with clear texture make the whole person feel full of girlishness, adding a lot of drama to the dull short hair style.

The good friend Ma Sichun is also a girl with bangs and braided hair. A small braid is hidden in the hair, gentle and elegant, and the unexpected side face kill is really beautiful!

Nuozha's cool suspender look and bangs braid are very good. The high temperatures in summer often make the bangs greasy and fluffy. Even if you don't wash your hair, you can go out with confidence.

Kate Bosworth retains one side of the natural volume of the Wob, and the other side starts to weave from the bangs, clipped behind the ear, neat and generous.

How to make braids with bangs?

Step1. Separate the bangs separately, and fix the hair behind with clips.

Step2: Weave the bangs in three equal parts backwards, and in the process of weaving, add new hair bundles one by one. 

Step3. Finally, fix the end of the hair with a rubber band, and a simple braid and bangs are finished!

Style2, "Little Gongju" star, peach braided bangs

As the bangs grow longer, fairies who are too lazy to trim them often allow them to become a focal point. However, the middle part is very easy to show the old look! I might as well add some carambola braided hair elements. The girly feeling is very simple!

As the face value of the round face world, Wuli Yingbao broke the curse of "the round face cannot be divided", and by braiding the hair on both sides back, it increased the three-dimensional sense of the overall shape, and the cuteness index ★★★★★

Fan Ye, who has always been powerful, made the forehead bangs into star peach braids, which made it a little sweeter and more friendly, and also added a lot of interest to the long black hair with monotonous tails.

Xiao Hongen's "carambola braid" can't guess her age at all! Expose the entire facial features, look more refreshing and clean, and cool down your summer instantly

We don't care about emotional problems. Xie Na's little public practice is definitely worth learning! The rest of her hair was slightly curled and draped over her shoulders, exuding the vitality of the "Sun Goddess" all over her body.

"Little Gongju" star fruit braid does this:

Step1: Take Qi bangs as an example. Divide the bangs into two parts from the middle.

Step 2: Take the top layer from one side and divide it into thirds before braiding the twist.During the braiding process, add the remaining hair to the back of the ear one by one.

Step3: Braid the other side into a braid in the same way, and then fix it with a small clip.

Style3, age-reducing "apple head" bangs

The popularity of Banwanzitou has not yet receded, and the "apple head" wind has also been blowing in Liu Haijie~ If you don't believe me, look at them. They are all quietly doing things to Liu Hai!

Long and invisible bangs are the most suitable for tying up. Ma Sichun also loves the playful apple head in private. When you tie it casually, you can easily hold it no matter what you wear.

How can the great power of "the most beautiful in the world" miss the wave of apple head? As the queen of carrying goods, she even wears an age-reducing apple head in the fashionable airport. Look.

Tang Yixin was originally very sweet. She combed her bangs as high as possible to make her whole person more energetic and lovely. Short hair under the ears + apple head bangs = such a beautiful girl really makes people have to love her!

Just like Yoona, the position of the hair is slightly moved to the side, which not only reduces the double aging but also makes the top of the hair look more fluffy and enhances the face shape.

Apple head bangs play like this:

Step1. Comb all the bangs on one side, twist them slightly at the center of the top of the head, and twist them all the way to the ends of the hair.

Step 2. Wrap it into a ball shape and fix it with a spiral hairpin at the place shown in the figure.

Break the routine and give your bangs a cool look!

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