45 degree massage to improve facial lines from now on

2022-03-04 19:26

Tips for hand knowledge

Above 36.5℃

Massage with your hands, the temperature of the palm will slowly increase the temperature of the skin, and then all the pores will be opened, which will help the skin to discharge waste and absorb nutrients. Gently massaging the face with warm hands relaxes the facial muscles, relieves tension, and leads to inner peace, which is the benefit of hand massage.

The power of peripheral nerves

The hand is one of the most abundant terminal nerves and one of the most sensitive sensory organs in the human body, which is why when we look at the mirror and touch our face with our hands, we can easily find out the asymmetry that we usually do not perceive. parts, or easily find the parts where the muscles are stiff and the various acupuncture points. In addition, the stimulation of the palms is also beneficial to our physical health.

The most comfortable pressing force of 2~3kg

Press the face with your fingers, or slightly lower the head forward, support the face with both hands, and apply 2~3kg of pressure on the face, we will feel very comfortable.

Point1 finger belly

The tips of our fingers are called the "pads" and are the parts we use to hit the keyboard. Gently tapping on the face with the belly of the fingers, or pressing every acupoint on the face is a very correct method. This action can increase the elasticity of the facial skin and also promote blood circulation.

Point 2 Remove the remaining four fingers of the thumb

Except for the thumb, the overall area of ​​the other four fingers is similar to the cheek and forehead. Ideal for massaging in circular motions on the face with these four fingers. This action engages the autonomic nervous system, making the skin easier. In addition, it can improve skin laxity, relieve pain, and promote lymphatic circulation.

Point 3 The first section of the middle and ring fingers

The first section of the middle and ring fingers is the weakest of the fingers and is especially suitable for gently pressing the face. These two fingers are the most commonly used, whether it is to enhance the vitality of the small muscles of the face or to thin certain parts of the face.

Point 4 The first section of the thumb

The first section of the thumb is the strongest, and is often used to eliminate wrinkles around the forehead, the corners of the mouth, and around the eye sockets. The thumb is often used as a support for the other four fingers to move more freely around the face.

Point 5 thumb and index finger

The thumb and index finger are mainly used to improve the problem of sagging muscles of the eyes and eyebrows by doing some lifting actions, as well as to improve the curve of the chin that is prone to sagging. Even just gently twisting and pinching can stimulate the deep parts and strengthen them. Subcutaneous tissue, conducive to the discharge of waste.

Point 6 The side of the index finger that is bent like a hook

The gently curved index finger fits perfectly around the eye socket. When the eyes are puffy, or dark

When the circle is serious, or when you want to discharge the accumulated waste or water, you can bend the hand like this and push the massage in the direction of the temple.

The tutorial for lifting facial lines starts now!

Mission 1 Remove accumulated waste and moisture and eliminate puffiness

The main purpose of moving back and forth is to promote lymphatic circulation in the lymphatic vessels surrounding the capillaries. The massage is mainly performed from the inside of the face to the outside, from top to bottom, and finally towards the clavicle.

Don't press too hard, just like applying skin lotion on your body, just to the extent that makes you feel comfortable. A slightly faster move is correct.

Add-ons The final stage of skincare involves applying some good quality lotion back and forth across the face. Remember, this is always a good choice.

Left: This is the most commonly used place until the second joint of the middle and ring fingers. It is correct to use the most appropriate force to slowly press, stroke the face, or gradually massage from the inside out.

Right: The hook-shaped medial joint of the index finger has special effects on eye puffiness. Take a scraping motion from the brow bone to the under-eye bag part.

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