5 Top Men's Fragrances

2022-08-03 17:22

Fragrances are not just for women, men also have their own fragrances. Use the right fragrance for you to add extra points to your charm.

Bulgari Gentleman Eau de Toilette

Fragrance: Perfect fortitude

Editor's Pick: It's a bright, clear, sensual fragrance inspired primarily by the unpretentious elegance of men, the unmistakable masculinity and glamour unique to BVLGARI men. To create a new, precious and vibrant olfactory experience, Bvlgari MAN exudes an oriental white wood scent that interprets a new paradigm of masculinity. Intense woody aromas, which have traditionally played a role in men's fragrances, are enhanced with a subtle radiance of natural purity.

adidas blaze fast men's fragrance

Perfume Temperament: Confident and Courageous

Editor's recommendation reason: Meet the flames of extreme speed experience - men's classic Fu Qi fragrance, suitable for self-confidence and courageous outstanding men. Fresh citrus with fresh apple top notes, showing a strong and bold man's personality. A warm and refreshing scent is drawn from the Fuqi middle incense carefully blended with lavender, clover and white pepper. Exotic tonka bean, cedar wood and artificial musk extend the deep, masculine finish, filling you with masculinity and masculinity.

Armani Black Code Men's Fragrance

Perfume Temperament: Mysterious Temptation

Editor's recommendation reason: Armani Black Code The black code contains a mysterious and unique temperament, if there is a provocation in the air, it is exquisite and full of seductive taste, creating a glamorous brilliance like a Hollywood star, which is irresistible. When the fresh oriental fragrance ARMANI Black Code is sprinkled on the skin, it emits more layers of odor through the change of body temperature, which is difficult to grasp.

Chanel Strength Men's Fragrance

Fragrance: heroic and masculine

Editor's Pick: Chanel Strength for Men is a energizing, heartfelt, and inspiring fragrance. Fresh notes - vanilla - wood notes, the perfect combination to convey energy, sunshine and strength, improvisation, dynamism, and honesty. The unique, fresh scent of the fragrance, along with its characteristic stimulating and humorous qualities, sets this fragrance apart from other men's fragrances in the world. In ancient France, intelligent people were described as messengers of "white gold". platinim egoisete is the fragrance of choice for the most talented. Woody egoiste platinum exudes mature masculine charm, with a warm and heavy scent that is irresistible.

Guerlain Men's Eau de Toilette

Fragrance: Rough and Passionate

Editor's recommendation reason: Co-conceived and created by Thierry Wasser and SyLVaine Delacourte, it abandons the pyramid structure of traditional fragrances, and shows the mystery contained in three parallel movements. Throughout the body, beginning and end of the piece, the Mojito Concerto presents a lingering freshness and determination. The second concerto is refined and refined, with floral citrus notes of bergamot mild and uplifting; the third movement combines the graceful power of cedar with the innate energy of vetiver straight from the earth. A rough stroke, like the feeling of stubble on the cheek, leaves an unforgettable imprint: uplifting, sure, lasting.

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