7 Silicon-Free Shampoos That Are Really Popular and Best Sold in Japan

2022-03-11 17:54

When it comes to washing and care series, the trend in recent years is nothing more than two words-silicon-free.

The so-called silicone oil refers to the polydimethylsiloxane substance in the shampoo ingredient list. Silicone oil can help smooth the cuticles and reduce friction damage. At the same time, silicone oil is adsorbed on the top layer of the hair. Although it has a protective effect, it is easy to produce a greasy feeling. It is more suitable for people with damaged and dry hair. But silicon oil free shampoo has a better cleaning effect and is suitable for people with oily hair roots.

In summer, you may wish to switch to a silicone-free wash and care series to use it.

Orgenoa Natural Essential Oil Moisturizing Silicone Free Shampoo/Conditioner

This beauty essence essential oil silicone-free shampoo and conditioner set has won unanimous praise from everyone since it was launched, and it has become the second place winner in the Japanese cosme awards. Formulated with pure natural essential oils to repair the luster of hair, mainly for damaged perm-dyed hair.

Repair type

It also contains pearl extract essence and beauty serum ingredients for lustrous hair, which effectively penetrates into every strand of hair, nourishing and repairing damaged hair. And thoroughly cleans the scalp pores and dirt, and restores the elasticity of the hair. Leads to lustrous, lustrous hair.

blue: moisturizing

A moisturizing shampoo like a beauty serum, enriched with marigold extract, damask rose extract and sage extract, it gently cares for the scalp and cleanses pores, leaving hair fresh and flying. Condition hair to a soft, healthy state.

Yellow: moisturizing

Provides a steady stream of moisture for dry and damaged hair, specially contains honey, royal jelly and propolis essence, with 8 kinds of organic ingredients and 11 kinds of amino acids, provides rich nutrition, makes hair soft and shiny,what is unforgettable when you touch.

Honeyce' Honey Hydrating Silicone Free Shampoo/Conditioner

Produced by LIB JAPAN Co., Ltd., eight kinds of honeys with excellent moisturizing effect from all over the world are selected to give hair moisture. Eight organic vegetable oils are selected to repair the hair from the inside out, making it healthy and strong. Natural and organic, simple and gentle. From the perspective of hair health, the product formula excludes the ingredients that burden the hair and adds beneficial ingredients for the hair.

Laggie Refreshing Stain Removal Silicone Free Shampoo/Conditioner

A silicone-free shampoo formulated with sea mud clay to remove dirt from the scalp and control oil. Chinese herbal extract effectively tightens the skin of the head and relaxes the scalp. Luxurious moisturizing ingredients (CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Tea Tree Oil) provide a fresh and captivating scent.

Ahalo Butter Weak Acid Silicon Free Deep Botanical Shampoo/Conditioner

As soon as it was launched, it ranked first in cosme, and its secret is the flagship "Angel's Ring", which has 49 kinds of Hawaiian plant essences, and the hair can be lustrous after only one use. In particular, it contains two major components, ceramide and keratin, which can effectively and quickly repair the hair core. Contains plant-based cleaning ingredients, no sulfur, no silicon, weak acid, rich in 6 different essential oils and nano repair ingredients. Repairs hair damage. Soft and shiny hair.

HAIR RECIPE Kiwi Volumizing Shampoo/Conditioner

The Kiwi Volumizing Series nourishes from root to tip for healthy, fluffy hair! This shampoo is completely made of natural and additive-free raw materials. It is the latest high-quality nutritional silicone-free shampoo produced by Procter & Gamble. It is very popular in Japan and has been recognized by users. It is called a health show. Nutritious recipes posted.

mogans Silicon Free Amino Acid Shampoo/Conditioner

Known as the best shampoo ever, 'mogans' is composed of 18 kinds of plant amino acids, 3 kinds of flower extracts, and 5 kinds of mixed substances. It repairs damaged hair, moisturizes hair, and makes hair elastic from the root. Keep your hair healthy from the inside out.

LUX Silicone Free Shampoo/Conditioner

A delicate and smooth foaming milk, it can relieve the damage of friction or rubbing when shampooing, and at the same time distribute a fresh and charming fragrance. Through treatment and repair from the inside to outside, leaves hair silky smooth and shiny.

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