A trick for the "sweaty bangs" that stars can't escape

2022-03-04 19:26

The heat wave of the Part1 attack is coming, how is your hairstyle?

The hot heat wave is coming, and the high temperature sweating has made many stars tricked. In order to feel refreshed, the most direct way is to tie the hair into various "small balls". However, this hairstyle makes the hair that is not fluffy enough, suddenly Close to the scalp, the bangs will also be accompanied by a trace of stickiness... uh~ Seeing the stars being "black" because of the heat wave is so direct, isn't it a bit like us on weekdays?

The head of the sweat group - Chen Yihan

Ruijiang can feel Chen Yihan's unbearable heat across the screen. The bulging cheeks are matched with this messy "sofa" ball head, which is basically similar to that of a house girl.

Sports flat collapse - Zhang Shaohan

The biggest trouble for girls who love sports in summer is the wisps of hair after sweating. Looking at the hair that is close to the scalp, she suddenly feels that Angela's forehead is too conspicuous! It is very different from the usual seaweed big wave style. It is better to save the selfie like Jiang Zi is too down-to-earth!

Summer "Covering Sweat" Pie - Zhang Tianai

It is already high temperature season, and I can still wear a knitted hat + a black mask on my face. No matter how Zhang Tianai feels, Rui Jiang is sweating all over! Of course, from the state where the ends of the hair and the bangs are tangled at this time, we know that she must be "fanatic". Thinking about the pimples that suffocate her head in this shape is nothing, she is not far from the "heat stroke" of her hair.

bangs out of oil-Wu Xin

Are you lazy? I feel that Wu Xin's bangs are seriously oily! And the slightly tired spirit may not have a good rest. Looking at the slightly collapsed hair and oily feeling on the top of the head, I deeply feel the importance of refreshing hair to the appearance.

The actresses who are obviously attracted by their looks, how can they compromise when they encounter a high temperature and heat wave? Why not share some beauty tricks with us? Is it really okay to just be regarded as a negative example?

Part2 Yang Mi and Ma Sichun counterattack with "sweaty" bangs, adding points to the new look!

Do you want to look beautiful even in hot weather? Yang Mi and Ma Sichun took the lead in playing new tricks. Since the forehead will sweat, it's better to take the plan and use the "sweaty" bangs to play with the sexy style, which is also a proper bonus.

Yang Mi cut the bangs right, and her temperament has changed greatly, and she feels like she has become a "girl power" again!

Her eight-character bangs can not only reduce age and look tender, but also sexy and charming!

When taking a photo with Wu Qingfeng, she wore princess hair, and wide bangs completely decorated the high hairline on the left and right sides, instantly lively and cute, a proper standard fan girl!

However, if she wants to be full of aura in this high temperature season, "sweaty" bangs + seaweed-like charming curly hair is her sexy main line, fluffy hair volume and slightly "sweaty" bangs, lazy atmosphere There is a hint of charm and sexy in it.

The hairstyle of "sweaty" bangs is characterized by a little wet hair around the bangs. Not only is it not greasy, but it feels a little fresh. Ma Sichun knows that this bang is beautiful and fashionable.

Liu Shishi is even more "sweaty" to the end! The wispy hair is the key point of a "sweaty" hairstyle, and Shi Ye's hair is full of wisps, which makes the whole person feel a lot more refreshed, especially suitable for this hot summer!

This style of Da Tiantian belongs to the dry type in the "sweaty" bangs. The hair is fluffy and the bangs are also very refreshing, but the bangs are slightly nourished with hair oil to make the bangs more fixed.

Li Landi's "sweaty" bangs are more moist, and the effect of modifying the forehead and cheeks is more obvious. The layered braid makes her full of popularity.

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