All You Should Know About Cosmetology styling heads

2023-04-07 21:35

Cosmetology styling heads are mannequins used by professional beauty school students and hairstylists to practice and perfect different hair-related techniques. Practicing the methods used in real hair salons using genuine tools and hair mannequins is an essential part of the training.

What To Look For In Cosmetology Heads With hair?

Shopping for a cosmetology styling head can be an overwhelming experience. The choices vary according to the need.

According to their material:

Mannequin heads for styling wigs can be made from fiberglass, Styrofoam, canvas, PVC materials. The mannequin heads for styling usually occur as head with shoulder or head only mannequins, as these types are easier to work with and maneuver while styling.

According to their hair types:

Mannequin heads come in a variety of hair types, e.g., human hair, animal hair, synthetic hair, and also a combination of hair known as blends. These heads are categorized by hair length, hair density, color, type, layers, implants, and ethnicity. These heads assist the student to practice a wide range of hair types that they will encounter in real-life hair salons.

Cosmetology Head Hair Care Tips:

● Use a plastic bag to seal if your cosmetology head is currently not in use. It will prevent the hair fibers from oxidation.

● If the cosmetology head hairs are relatively dry, you can use water, olive oil, or repair honey to wet it, so it will be easier to comb and style hair.

● Use shampoo and conditioner occasionally for maintaining the smooth texture of hairs.

● Do not use a shampoo that includes alcohol or sulfate would cause dryness, then leads to tangle.

● The heat-resistant fiber hair is suitable for washing/conditioning, curling/straightening, bleaching, cutting, braiding, and hair-styling.

● Because all JF hair is handmade, so it is inevitable there will be problems with hair falling off. Please do not worry! Comb the hair first; it is common for losing a little hair the first time and won't happen the next time.

Practical Secrets for Mannequin Styling heads:

Natural hair on mannequin heads is always better for practice. Mannequin heads with hair cost a lot. The main price of the mannequin head is the cost of the hair, depending on whether it is human, animal, or synthetic. But of course, there are cheap mannequin heads with human hair in the market.

The second most important factor in the price of the mannequin head is hair length.

There are two ways to measure the length. The popular way is from the crown to the ends. The second way is from the forehead to the ends.

The best economical way for practicing hair cutting or styling is to find a cosmetology styling head with a clamp, which attaches to a table to keep the head secure and straight and to help create a neat style.


Human Hair for Dyeing, Bleaching, Braiding, Natural Hair Styles, Straightening, Relaxers, Curling, etc.

Mixed Hair is recommended for Braiding, Natural Hair Styles, Straightening, Relaxers, Curling, etc.

Synthetic Fiber is Recommended for Braiding, Natural Hair Styles,  Straightening, Relaxers, Curling but need to mind the temperature of the hairdressing tool.

Description of the products:

● Materially 100% Real Hair

● Hair length: 14 inches, color: 613#/black

● Suitable for washing/conditioning, curling/straightening, bleaching, cutting, braiding, and hair-styling.

● It is an ideal choice for hairdressing students to practice, little girls to play games, or as teaching supplies.

● It comes with a free table clamp and packaged in a color box.

Final Thoughts:

 Whether you are cutting or braiding, brushing, bleaching, or perming you can create so many different looks with an amazing cosmetology head. It is a great product to teach yourself different hairdressing techniques without competent wastage of time.

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Their main market is the USA, European countries, Japan, and have many retailers in these countries. They also retain mannequin heads with a mixture of human hair, synthetic and or animal hair.

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