Anti-oil and melanin experts are applying essence in zones

2022-12-05 06:01

In summer, facial oil is bursting, and skin melanin is running. At this time, our skin is most seriously threatened. As the highlight of all this - the essence, if you just prevaricate a bottle, this is an extremely irresponsible behavior for the skin. Therefore, more skin care experts use different skin care essences in different areas for different skin textures and pore distribution on the face, so that every drop is used on the blade.

Different skin types need to use different essences

Don't think that the use of different types of essences is only a matter of combination skin. For dry skin, just using a moisturizing essence is not enough. Maybe it just relieves the dryness of your cheeks, but it is easy to produce The forehead and the corners of the eyes are not just hydrating. They also need anti-aging essence to resist free radicals and repair damaged cells. The same is true for oily skin. If you just blindly control oil without the moisturizing essence of moisturizing essence, you cannot achieve the balance of water and oil, even if you increase the oil control force, it will be futile.

more districts

Can the partition be divided into T and U areas? If you only have these two areas, your zoning is sloppy. Because just taking the problem of aging as an example, the aging progress and focus of the forehead, around the eyes, and around the lips are different. Some aging problems require you to use anti-aging essence to fight free radicals, and some need to use firming ingredients to lift the facial contours, so it is not enough to use the essence in different areas and only divide it into T and U areas.

To be perfect, there is no total serum

Using an all-in-one serum does work, but it doesn't mean that every part of the skin can be properly conditioned. The full-effect essence can be used as the first layer of conditioning essence, and different parts need to choose products to focus on conditioning according to skin problems, especially the relatively fragile and prone to red cheeks, dandruff-loving parts of the nose and other parts should be more targeted essence.

Pay close attention to the key essence and "settle down" make a big difference

The cheekbones and facial heights receive the strongest light

Please use: Blemish Serum

Although it is also a "highland", because the expression involves less muscles than the forehead, the probability of wrinkles on the cheekbones is lower than that of the forehead, but here you have to beware of melanin. The light-receiving surface here is larger than other places, so the probability of melanin deposition here is greater than that in other parts, and the pigmentation caused by genetic factors and the chloasma caused by age are easily concentrated in the cheekbones. Therefore, the care of this area requires the use of a light spot serum.

Oil volume increases by 10% for every 1°C increase in temperature in T zone

Please use: Oil Control Serum

With every 1°C increase in temperature, the amount of oil secreted by your skin will increase by 10%. For the T-zone that already produces a lot of oil, no matter what skin type you are, you should take steps to control oil. Because excess oil not only makes you look tired and unclean, but also one of the crux of various skin problems. You can use oil control essence to adjust the amount of oil secretion in this area, and then apply a moisturizing cream to restore the balance of water and oil to the skin.

The larger the cheek area, the faster the water loss

Please use: Hydrating Serum

Compared with autumn and winter, in summer, although oil makes your skin look less dry, UV rays, high temperature and other reasons increase the rate of water loss, which also causes the T-zone to be greasy and the outer oil of the cheeks to be dry. type skin. Moreover, due to the large area of ​​the cheek skin, the moisture loss will be faster. At this time, the cheek area should use a moisturizing essence with high moisturizing performance to give nourishment.

The more oily the jaw, the looser the skin

Please use: Firming Serum

While our entire facial skin is exposed to the oxidative baptism of UV rays, the problem manifests itself differently. Our jaw, because the skin is severely oxidized and damaged, the skin loses its original elasticity, and too much oil blocks the pores and "toughly" stretches the skin, which will cause the skin to lack elasticity compared to other seasons. So in summer, the facial contour caused by sagging is not obvious you should beware of.

The forehead bears the brunt of the oxidation test

Please use: Anti-aging, Repair Serum

The United States has rated the 50 most wrinkle-prone cities in the country, and California, the sunniest city, tops the list, and forehead wrinkles are a common problem for people in this area. In fact, it is well understood that the forehead bears the brunt of exposure to sunlight, and belongs to the "highland" of the face. Ultraviolet rays cause free radicals generated by the skin to destroy collagen and other substances in normal cell membrane tissues, and oxidize cells to form wrinkles. So slather on your forehead with an anti-oxidant anti-aging, repairing serum on hot summer days.

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