Armani Favorite Eau de Toilette for Women Launches in March

2022-03-04 19:26

Mr. Armani celebrates the modern woman who is the trinity of elegance, toughness and independence with a beloved fragrance for women. Every woman who loves true perfection has a free heart. They have clear goals and are not afraid of the world hearing their voices; they are full of courage, dare to express their true self to the world, and always be the best version of themselves.

Dazzling yet gentle and elegant, humorous and seductive. A love of light fragrances, a tribute to all women who are elegant, charming, and casually happy. Her natural elegance and charm fascinates everyone who meets her. She advocates the joy of life and infects everyone around her. She is courageous and persistent. In summer, she goes to the sea, feels the sun lightly bathing her skin, faces the fresh sea breeze, and enjoys casual joy. At this moment, she is one with nature.

Armani Favorite Eau de Toilette for Women

30ml/RMB 560, 50ml/RMB 750, 100ml/RMB 1080

Armani Beloved Eau de Toilette for Women is a playful and joyful reinterpretation of the casual self.

Armani loves light fragrance, it is a casual escape, a journey of freedom and happiness.

Simple and natural, I say Sì(yes);

Enjoy life, I say Sì(yes);

Independent self, I say Sì(yes).

The emotional interpretation of the sincere and frank Armani girl

Armani has always pursued natural authenticity, perfect style and ultimate elegance.

The nuances see the spirit of simple dress, showing her unique taste. The smooth and glamorous design style shows her natural purity. There is no word "plain" in her life. She has become amorous, and once coveted and favored, but she is also very happy with the free life that flows through the water.

Strong, weak; rational, emotional... Her life is full of such opposites, and she never limits herself to one side. She has the courage to face her true self. She is frank and frank and enjoys life to the fullest. Under the elegant pink veil, her skin is looming, and under the warm sunshine, she is excited. Breath is her only personal label. As soon as she appeared, it made her elegant, smart and different.

This is the Armani girl.

The perfect blend of floral chypre refined sheer

Armani has always adhered to the Italian style of simplicity and luxury. I love light fragrances and only draw on the most natural and pure raw materials. The texture is fine and seductive, like silk satin and smooth on bare skin. An intoxicating floral chypre that blends the most differentiated scents.

The combination of blackcurrant and crisp pear is just right. Against the backdrop of the distant golden musk wood aftertaste, the clear, sweet and sour flavor is fascinating.

Armani's unique extraction process preserves the deep and unpredictable mystery of blackcurrant berries, mixed with the freshness of crisp pears, and detonates the unique sweet and sour fruity aroma. At the same time, citrus notes of Italian bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom are combined to enhance the sweet and elegant fragrance of May Grasse Rose and Freesia. When the delicate petals touch the skin, the amber and golden musk that come together are clean and pure, giving people infinite warmth and tolerance, supplemented by a hint of vanilla extract and patchouli, adding a breadth and bearing. People can not help but fall into it.

Armani Beloved Eau de Toilette is the quintessential example of a woman's personal fragrance, elusive yet nuanced, it will awaken the bravery deep within you, agility and glamour at the same time.

The exquisite interpretation of the Italian style of bottle design

Like Armani's tailor-made clothing, the typical Armani design style presents the most natural authenticity in the most rigorous and extreme way. The most natural and elegant design style always comes from the most natural and pure inspiration and creativity. The design that loves light fragrance is another representative of Armani's design philosophy.

Shake gently, and the perfume bottle with "Sì" embossed will emit a clear light. Like the sun caressing, the lacquered bottle cap echoes the pure brilliance, and the streamlined bottle cap with a very modern sculptural feeling interprets the ultimate elegant style on the golden ring. The line of sight extends under the ring, and the transparent glass bottle wraps the nude powder perfume, creating a delicate effect that is transparent and exudes the radiance of rose nude powder.

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