Bags: the trendy people are rushing to buy a handbag

2022-08-29 06:01

A 120 yuan Anya Hindmarch can rewrite the history of It Bag! Who can guess that you can kiss the fragrance of a famous brand bag for the price of a lipstick , which completely violates the fine tradition of It Bag, which is more than tens of thousands of dollars.

Who said that the price is up or down? The most important thing is to find such a good step down for environmental protection! All Zhicheng for the common good, but also to a mass response from the Marc Jacobs to Martin Margiela, launched BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) Campaign, the most important thing is that all package price package "only" three-digit!

Marc by Marc Jacobs white linen fiber bag $100

The signature is matched with black lettering on a white background, and the big logo is only 100 yuan, which is cheaper than Anya Hindmarch's I am not a plastic bag! Jews are worthy of being Jews. Marc Jacobs, my little horse, is really thinking about doing business!

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