How to have the skin as good as the major beauty stars

2022-08-11 14:58

In fact, for a fairy-like appearance like Yuan Yongyi, retouching the picture is simply insulting others! Not only did the natural rosy luster on the face disappear, but the facial features and skin became blurred, which made people feel extremely stiff. No wonder the deity would be unhappy.

Looking at the photos of Anita Yuen getting up early, it makes people return to the bright Hong Kong star era of "no retouching, no plastic surgery and no PS" in a second. It is super natural and unforgettable.

In all fairness, the goddess has grown like this, why do you need to retouch pictures for others. There is really no room for such a beauty in the beauty camera!

In the early days, Anita Yuen explained what is "the hibiscus in the clear water, and the decoration is naturally removed". It is completely different from the current Internet celebrity face and awl face. The more you look at it, the more you like it, the more you like it Lemony.

Shu Qi's appearance is very foreign, and she is full of girlishness. If the editor grows up like this and netizens mess with my photos, the editor will also be angry.

The editor believes that everyone has not forgotten Charmaine Sheh, who was frightened by herself in the beauty camera some time ago. She has no aura under the filter, and is no different from ordinary Internet celebrities.

However, people are obviously so temperamental!

And our little swallow is not immune to the "poisoning" of the beauty camera, bling bling's big eyes are scary under the filter, and her face has become an awl, she can't bear to look directly. 

What's more, netizens put together the recently released photos of Alita and Zhao Wei, shouting "Alita hit Yiping in the face", the editor took a closer look, and it really seemed like that.

Although Yiping expressed her dissatisfaction.

Hurry up and take a look at the normal sister Wei to wash her eyes.

Shu Qi and Zhao Wei under the normal camera lens were once rated as "Fairy Sisters". The editor can only say that they are the most beautiful in their natural state, cherish life and stay away from excessive beauty!

Angelababy was also on the hot search together before. Her facial features are already very three-dimensional, and adding a filter is not unnatural and simple, but a little scary. 

Or normal Baby is pleasing to the eye.

So, what is the magic of beauty and filters, so many people would rather become "fake faces" and have to take pictures with them? The editor thought about it, and felt that the changes in skin texture and skin tone were the most conspicuous. So, is there any way to have a good skin like PS without beauty? Hurry up and pick the good things recommended by the editor today, let us all become natural beauty!

Editor's Choice:

Indie Lee Brightening Peeling Pads

Indie Lee chooses to formulate with 100% all-natural ingredients. This exfoliating pad gently removes the dull and dead skin on the surface, allowing you to regain soft and bright skin, achieving the effect of manual "dermabrasion"! Also works wonders for closed mouth and acne.

Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Cream

Charlotte Tilbury's Miracle Cream has been the brand's founder's secret weapon for over 20 years, and it's been used backstage at countless fashion shows. This rich, nourishing moisturizer is known for its ability to improve dull, dehydrated and even hangover skin. It contains a new ingredient called Skin Rejuvenation Bio-Tripeptide Complex, which reduces wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. SPF15 sun protection factor protects skin from sun damage, while ingredients like rosehip oil, camellia oil and vitamin E make skin more radiant and radiant.

Kypris Beauty Renewing Mask

Exfoliating is essential for good skin, and KYPRIS Beauty's revitalizing mask is the savior for sensitive skin, giving you an even skin tone, softer skin, and a healthy glow. The formula contains pomegranate enzymes to effectively reshape and delicate skin, sea fennel and sea algae ingredients soften the muscle layer, and tremella extract can hydrate and moisturize. It is recommended to use it no more than three times a week to cleanse pores and rejuvenate the skin - a clear and translucent base is the first step to creating a perfect makeup.

Sunday Riley Fine Gene Essence Lotion

This is a famous Internet celebrity product, the editor has used up two bottles! Sunday Riley's Anti-Oxidant Serum Lotion is known as the 'mouth shut' for flawless skin that expresses your 'good genes'. The clinically-tested formula contains lactic acid to slough away dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines, while lemongrass brightens the complexion.

Omorovicza Vitamin C Daily Serum

Who says whitening has to rely on filters? Vitamin C promotes collagen growth and brightens skin tone. It is a natural anti-aging ingredient and an indispensable element in daily maintenance. Omorovicza's powerful serum uses this ingredient to help protect your skin from environmental damage and improve your tired-looking complexion.

Natura Bissé INHIBIT Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Patch

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