Bvlgari Regent's Eau de Toilette for Women in Brazil

2022-03-04 19:26

[March 2, 2016, Beijing] Bvlgari, the top Italian jewelry brand, released BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba Eau de Toilette for women in Beijing. After crystal, amethyst and garnet, Paraiba tourmaline, a rare gem from Brazil, has become the new luxury favorite of the BVLGARI Omnia fragrance series, with the rich fragrance of tropical flowers and fruits, inspiring tropical style and Mediterranean sunshine. The collision brings a warm and happy atmosphere.

On the day of the press conference, the ingenious arrangement made people feel as if they had walked into the Garden of Eden: colorful and lively colors, vibrant and intoxicating fragrance, full of vitality, and praised the beauty of nature and the enthusiasm of life everywhere. The unique Paraiba tourmaline blue has become a highlight of this event, as if it combines the lushness of the forest with the clear blue of the ocean and sky. The color is bright and dazzling. .

In the strong exotic atmosphere, the new fragrance hidden by the flowers exudes a lustrous luster. The exquisite bottle continues the design of the circular curve of the Omnia series, combining various lines and symbols of infinite hope, intertwined with each other, like a dense forest, reminiscent of the rolling mountains, winding rivers and gentle rises of Brazil. falling tide.

Omnia Paraiba Eau de Toilette uses the fresh vitality of Curacao bitter orange, with the exotic aroma of passion fruit flowers, and then complemented by cocoa beans. It perfectly echoes the rich tropical atmosphere of the scene.

Then, a bossa nova singer came on stage to present a perfect performance, feeling the energy and enthusiasm from Brazil in the music. The light and lively tune is like the breeze on the coast of South America with the smell of Omnia Paraiba Eau de Toilette, which is like a dream; it is also like the Brazilian spirit conveyed by Omnia Paraiba Eau De Toilette, free and cheerful, Full of vitality and joy of life.

BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba is the latest creation of renowned perfumer Alberto Morillas. This fragrance integrates his experience of complex emotional blending of the joy of life and the beauty of the world when he was in Rio. It is a fascinating feminine fragrance. Under the interpretation of Alberto Morillas, the sweet and fresh temperament of Omnia Paraiba Eau de Parfum is vividly displayed, revealing the new charm of Bulgari fragrance!

BVLGARI Omnia Paraiba Eau de Toilette will be launched in China in April 2016, so stay tuned!

Product price: ¥515/25ml ¥680/40ml ¥830/65ml

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