Celebrities hand a bean paste lipstick to create a gentle makeup

2022-12-05 06:01

This year, the color of bean paste has become very popular. Liu Wen used bean paste color lipstick in "Let's Fall in Love", so the color of bean paste is also called "cousin color". The color of bean paste is gentle and steady, and it is an artifact to enhance the aura. Whether it is going out on the street or attending normal occasions, it can hold up. It is really "heavy makeup is always suitable". What's more important is not to pick the skin, the yellow skin can also be whitened. The editor will take stock of the bean paste colors that are on fire these days.

Supermodel KK also put on bean paste-colored lipstick in the photo posted on her Twitter, showing a mature and sexy style.

Celebrities also love bean paste when they go out shopping.

The street photo of "Scarlet Witch" EliZAbeth OLsen was caught a few days ago with a bean paste color. Such a beautiful color can really go out by simply painting it.

Not only can it be painted with bean paste color every day, but it is also a commonly used color by celebrities in formal occasions such as various premieres and ceremonies.

"Twilight Girl" Kristen Stewart attended the premiere of "Super Agent" in a bean paste color, and with her cool eye makeup, it didn't look abrupt at all.

Supermodel Coco Rocha also loves the color of bean paste, and with a sexy beautiful back, it suddenly became the "eye-catching" focus of the audience.

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