China's first micro plastic surgery public welfare project "beautiful positive energy" launched in Beijing

2023-01-02 06:01

It's about beauty, how can you not take "truth" seriously

China's first micro plastic surgery public welfare project "beautiful positive energy" launched in Beijing

China Integration Association and Allergan jointly appeal for rational pursuit of beauty and strictly abide by the "three formalities"

June 17, 2016, Beijing - Today, China's first micro plastic surgery public welfare project "Beauty Positive Energy", hosted by China Plastic Surgery Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Plastic Surgery Association") and co-organized by Allergan, was officially launched in Beijing. Zhang Bin, President of China Plastic Surgery Association, and Ms. Zhao Ping, President of Allergan China, attended the kick-off meeting. At the meeting, the China Integrative Association released China's first "Sodium Hyaluronate Product Science Knowledge for Medical Beauty" and "Beautiful Positive Energy" micro-plastic education public welfare video, and announced the official launch of the "Beautiful Positive Energy" campus tour competition.

President Zhang Bin said that the "Beauty and Positive Energy" project came into being, and hoped to call on Chinese beauty seekers to establish a scientific concept of "three formalities", that is, microplastic surgery must choose regular hospitals, regular doctors and regular products with legal qualifications, and Establish a correct aesthetic concept, realize the beauty of personality, and enjoy a beautiful life.

Recognize micro plastic surgery: three check watersheds, seeking beauty and individuality

Professor Chen Minliang of the First Affiliated Hospital of PLA General Hospital said: "Medical beauty and life beauty are two completely different concepts, and beauty seekers must distinguish clearly." Microplastic surgery is a combination of medical skills and art, not life beauty. Especially in the application means, the degree of change to the human body and the operation qualifications have completely different requirements. First of all, in terms of application means, life beauty belongs to the category of beauty care, and is carried out by non-medical means such as cosmetics, health products and non-medical equipment. Micro-plastic surgery belongs to the category of medical cosmetology, which requires medical means, including drugs, instruments, and surgery. Secondly, in terms of the degree of change to the human body, life beauty is essentially a non-invasive beauty care that does not cause any trauma to the human body; while microplastic surgery is essentially a medical beauty treatment, which will cause minimal or deeper wounds to the human body, even if Injections are also invasive. The most important thing is that there is a fundamental difference between the qualifications of operators for life beauty and micro plastic surgery: life beauty can be operated at home, go to a beauty salon, or enjoy door-to-door services, while micro plastic surgery must be performed in a formal medical treatment with a "Medical Institution Practicing License". Only institutions can carry out the project, and the displayed projects should include medical beauty subjects such as "Medical Cosmetology" and "Cosmetic Surgery". At present, many beauty salons and SPA clubs provide "micro plastic surgery" services that are not legal and compliant. Beauty seekers must first recognize the "watershed" between life beauty and medical beauty through these three dimensions. For medical beauty, they must choose regular hospitals and doctors for medical beauty. The principle cannot be vague.

In addition, it is also very important to establish the correct aesthetic awareness. Beauty seekers are often misled by exaggerated or even false information on the Internet and blindly pursue "star faces". The "facelift template" itself is a fallacy. The human face has many blood vessels and nerves, and the volume of each person’s face is different. Only professionals can design the golden ratio according to the individual’s existing conditions, and customize an individualized medical aesthetic plan, so that the beauty seeker can truly achieve beauty transformation. Mr. Wang Yongan, head of Yimeier Medical Beauty Group, said: "With the development of science and technology, maintaining a beautiful and youthful appearance through medical means has gradually become a global trend, and professional operations in developed markets have put forward more detailed requirements according to the different needs of beauty seekers. In China, only regular hospitals with legal qualifications can provide professional facilities and doctor teams. These conditions are the prerequisite for beauty seekers to obtain satisfactory experience and results.

Keep in mind the "three formalities", beauty must be "truthful"

When it comes to beauty, it must be "truthful". Although there are about 8,000 medical beauty institutions in China, they are far from being able to match the market demand during the blowout period. Many beauty salons and SPA clubs that are not qualified for plastic surgery are also engaged in micro-plastic surgery, and even hire unqualified so-called "doctors" for injections, and the injection "products" they choose are likely to be parallel or fake. If you rashly choose an institution without medical beauty qualifications for micro-plastic surgery, you are very likely to encounter plastic surgery failure and suffer physical and mental harm. Therefore, beauty seekers should remember the following three points to distinguish regular hospitals, regular doctors and regular products:

First, choose a regular hospital. A medical beauty institution that has the "Medical Institution Practicing License" issued by the competent health department is a regular hospital. According to the survey, more than 90% of plastic surgery failure cases come from informal institutions.

Second, identify regular doctors. For the identification of whether a doctor is formal or not, beauty seekers should inspect and verify whether they have professional qualifications, working time, and degree of authority. A real plastic and cosmetic doctor needs a legally recognized professional qualification, and has gone through years of study and practice. Beauty seekers need to conduct multiple investigations before deciding on a doctor. They can log on to the website of the National Health and Family Planning Commission ( to check the qualifications of doctors.

Third, use regular products. Because the products used in the medical cosmetology belonging to Microplastics are all drugs or medical devices, the products must be approved by the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) before they can be used in the Chinese market. Otherwise, its safety and efficacy cannot be guaranteed. For example, hyaluronic acid, the temperature and airtightness of botulinum toxin during transportation are all critical to its efficacy. If it is not properly transported, the product will easily fail. Identifying regular products can be done through the following three steps. First, look at the approval documents. Regular drugs will have state approvals on the packaging. Second, look at access. Every drug has a national drug supervision code, and consumers can log on to the website of the State Food and Drug Administration ( to inquire. In addition, it can also be identified by checking the product packaging box. If there is no Chinese label and description on the packaging box, it must be a fake.

Mr. Wang Yongan, head of Yimeier Medical Beauty Group, said: "As a regular medical beauty institution, we will first verify his qualifications before recruiting plastic surgeons, and strictly use regular products to protect the rights and interests of beauty seekers and bring them satisfaction. result."

The expressway also needs to be safe and secure, and all parties work together to promote beauty and positive energy

The current medical beauty industry is booming. It is predicted that by 2019, China is expected to surpass Brazil to become the second largest market in the world. Among them, the number of consumers under the age of 25 is growing rapidly. With the development of personal beauty habits and the increase in income, beauty care for middle-aged and elderly people will become the "new normal" in the next 10-20 years. More and more beauty seekers choose medical beauty to help them harvest a beautiful life and create unlimited potential in life.

At the same time as the rapid development of the micro plastic surgery industry, in order to allow the micro plastic surgery industry to develop safely on the fast track, the state has introduced a series of policy measures: first, relevant government supervision departments have strengthened the supervision and exposure of medical beauty institutions; The propaganda of the knowledge about micro-plastic surgery by beauty seekers, prompting beauty seekers to use regular micro-plastic medicine and equipment in regular medical institutions; third, mobilize social supervision and establish an industry integrity mechanism. In this way, the original source is clear, and the environment for medical beauty is purified.

Zhang Bin, president of the China Plastic Surgery Association, said: "To build a standardized and healthy plastic surgery market requires not only the management of institutions and practitioners, but also the continuous strengthening of popular science education for beauty seekers: Strictly adhering to the 'three formalities' is one of the basics of medical beauty. Philosophy. The 'Beauty and Positive Energy' public welfare project will seek scientific education through the "Science Knowledge of Sodium Hyaluronate Products for Medical Cosmetology", the series of videos of "Beautiful Positive Energy" and the "Beauty and Positive Energy Campus Tour" competition. Beauty, help them to better protect their rights and interests, and seek beauty scientifically."

It is reported that China's first "Knowledge of Sodium Hyaluronate Products for Medical Cosmetology" starts from the composition of popular science hyaluronic acid, strictly explains the use environment of hyaluronic acid and relevant laws and regulations, and reminds beauty seekers to choose legal and compliant products in regular medical beauty places. Hyaluronic acid products. China's first micro-plastic public welfare video will emphasize the importance of strictly abiding by the "three formalities" for beauty-seeking behavior through interesting and close-to-life dialogue scenes. The "Beauty and Positive Energy Campus Tour" contest promotes these contents to young women in the "budding period of beauty awareness", enhances their "three formals" concepts, and comprehensively enhances the scientific outlook and practical ability of the younger generation in China.

As a global leader in the medical aesthetics industry, Allergan also contributed and supported the "Beauty and Positive Energy" public welfare project. Ms. Zhao Ping, President of Allergan China, said: "The 'Beauty Positive Energy' public welfare project will provide scientific guidance for thousands of Chinese women on the road to beauty. As a leader in the global medical beauty industry, Allergan has been committed to To support people in the medical beauty industry and help Chinese beauty-loving women seek beauty scientifically, we are very happy to be able to participate in this meaningful cause."

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