Crazy in winter beauty strategy

2022-10-11 14:53

Winter is here, is your skin "cold"?

When the temperature drops, the body instinctively constricts the blood vessels at the ends to prevent heat from being robbed. If this period cannot be carried out smoothly, the blood flow at the end will be stagnant, causing cold symptoms. The face is always exposed, so it is a place that is prone to cold. The poor blood circulation caused by the cold of the face will lead to the disorder of the skin's metabolism, which will cause skin problems such as roughness, fine lines, pigmentation, dullness, and acne. In addition, the flow of lymph fluid is stagnant, and puffiness and dark circles will also appear. Surprisingly, phenomena such as "hot face" and "red and hot ears" are also symptoms of a cold face. This is because the blood at the end cannot flow smoothly, causing the skin surface to become red and hot.

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1. Skiing - cold protection and sun protection

Must-haves: sunscreen, ski goggles, hypoallergenic skin care products

Skiing is a classic fun item that cannot be missed in winter! However, it may also cause some damage to the skin when it is exposed to strong ultraviolet rays at the same time!

First of all, sun protection is an indispensable skin care step. When exposed to strong light outdoors for a long time, the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time, and it is easy to produce pigmentation. The cold and strenuous exercise may also cause some discomfort to the skin. Sensitive skin should always be careful.

Extremely protective, chemical-free, especially for sensitive skin, waterproof formula for face and body. The texture is refreshing and oil-free, and the SX Maisuning filter ring is like an invisible protective film, which can immediately and lastingly prevent UVA damage to the skin. It can be used after any day care products to provide perfect protection to the skin to make the complexion even, transparent and prevent premature aging of the skin.

2. Hot Springs - "Membrane" Skin Care

Must-Have: Mask

Chilling, relaxation and views in the warm hot pools are the ultimate winter entertainment! Some hot springs themselves have a certain degree of skin care effect. Under the action of heat, the pores of the skin will slowly open. If you can apply a layer of maintenance mask while soaking in the hot spring, it will make it easier for nutrients to penetrate into the skin and let your Skin care work is done with half the effort!

The length of time to soak in the hot spring can be determined according to the temperature of the hot spring. But generally 15 to 20 minutes is appropriate, not more than 3 minutes each time, and can rest for about 5 minutes. During the rest, drink more water and eat something to replenish energy. The time to apply the mask can be done when the soup is out for a rest for the first time, and the second time after the mask is applied.

The whitening mask is fermented with natural oriental herbs and artificially refined piece by piece - comfortable to the touch as if integrated with the skin technology and ingredients - soothing mulberry root ingredients to help clear the skin of harmful ingredients. Hedyotis diffusa extract helps to regulate harmful substances that affect skin health, making the complexion crystal clear and translucent.

3. Swimming in the island - sunscreen without taking off makeup

Must-haves: sunscreen, waterproof makeup

When the Northland is in the cold, many people choose to go to the warm island to escape the cold and enjoy the fun of the off-season. Of course, running from winter to summer, your skin may be going through the test!

Undoubtedly, sun protection is an indispensable skin care link for island tours, but "waterproof" cosmetics are also must-haves before traveling! It will keep you looking good after swimming with makeup on!

Waterproof eyeliner 6 new colors of creamy waterproof eyeliner enrich the original eyeliner series. The waterproof eyeliner is a 2-in-1 product: Makes the eyeliner: Extremely easy to color, smooth texture and accurate coloring. Do eye shadow: can be done with smoke.

4. Snowball fights - cleaning is not relaxing

Must-haves: masks, cleansing masks

In addition to skiing, don't miss the daily snow scene! Take your camera and have a nostalgic "snowball fight" with your friends! However, don't forget to do the necessary protection for your skin when you are playing crazy!

Most of the time, the snow that falls on the ground is not clean. When the skin comes into contact with unclean snow water, it may cause some bacterial problems. Especially for acne-prone skin or MM with small wounds, skin protection and cleaning are especially important!

For skin with weak immune function. No additives, mildly acidic and low irritation. Cleansing products. Soft foam gives. Skin care, clean skin.

After playing crazy, don't forget to skin care cold season "warm" skin care method

Warming Rule 1: Heating improves the efficiency of eye protection

Rub the eye cream with your hands first: The low temperature will "freeze" the eye cream, making it difficult to push and absorb. When applying, first rub the eye cream with your ring finger and rub it evenly, quickly tap around the eyes, and then press with your fingers After a while, the eye cream gets absorbed quickly.

Warming Rule 2: Reduce the temperature difference so that the skin does not hurt

The biggest damage to our skin in winter is the temperature difference. Studies have shown that temperature difference is an important factor leading to skin aging. The skin cell membrane, which is in charge of nutrient absorption and metabolism, cannot work normally. Over time, the skin's resistance will decline, and a series of skin problems such as dryness, roughness, and dullness will occur. 

Warm Law 3: Sunscreen does not allow melanin to precipitate

Don't think that the ultraviolet rays in winter are weaker than other seasons. According to relevant studies, the intensity of ultraviolet rays in winter is not lower than that in summer. In winter, if you do not do a good job of sunscreen on your skin, melanin will precipitate unconsciously, so in winter you should choose sunscreen products with added temperature regulators.

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