Finally found true love! A must-have fairy color lipstick in spring, let people call "OMG"!

2022-12-05 06:02

Original title: Finally found true love! A must-have fairy color lipstick in spring, let people call "OMG"!

Known as the "Human Flesh Planting Machine", Japanese Madou Mori Erika is simply the vane of Japanese makeup trends!

No, just a few days after the beginning of spring, she contracted a large number of Japanese miscellaneous goods . The makeup is all spring themed , so I want to see it!

Transparent skin, blushing cheeks, blurred eyes... all reveal the shyness and tenderness of Japanese girls!

However, have you ever noticed that such a little sexy makeup like Senjiang actually benefits from her plump lip makeup that is as delicate as a petal !

It can be seen that if you want to create a delicate makeup, lipstick is not only an indispensable makeup item, but also the most critical finishing touch!

There are millions of lipsticks in the world, don't be soft when you meet the ones you like! No, I recently planted a set of "Affordable MAC" , and I love every color to my heart! I couldn’t help but collected 12 of them and gave them to myself as the first gift of spring~

SIVANNA COLORS black tube matte matte lipstick

Matte matte bullet lipstick, available in 12 colors

Full color development, long-lasting without makeup, a dual purpose

Special price for fans in spring: 35 yuan/piece

12 color combinations: 268 yuan/12 packs

The surface is frosted and the texture is high-quality. At first glance, "Isn't this a bullet?!"

There are a total of 12 color numbers , and many popular color numbers that you can't usually buy are covered, such as pumpkin, tomato, maple leaf, rust red, cherry... you want them all!

The cream has a matte texture, just apply it a little, and the matte lip makeup is beautiful and advanced, and the lasting is very good! With a lip balm as a primer, the cherry mouth will be changed in seconds. The mouth is so beautiful that it explodes! Buy any one and go back without stepping on thunder.

One-tube dual-use, only a few tens of dollars per piece, super cost-effective , all in is also completely stress-free!

Popular in Thailand's makeup industry

Occupy the makeup artist's makeup table

SIVANNA is said to be a niche brand, but in fact it is already a household cosmetics brand in Thailand ! Its many celebrity makeup items, such as eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner, etc., are on sale in many offline counters!

There are many beauty bloggers who like to use SIVANNA products when sharing makeup tutorials online!

SIVANNA is even more known by Thais as "the queen brand that dominates makeup artists ' dressing tables" ~

And the lipstick recommended today, no matter from color or quality, has excellent expressive power, and the sense of use is not lost to the big names. Therefore, it is welcomed by the majority of girls who love beauty!

Hot color number recommendation!

Which one can catch your heart? !

The 12 slogan numbers of SIVANNA are just like 12 beautiful women who are gorgeous , charming, charming, ethereal, fresh and refined, or gentle and virtuous...

In short, each has its own beauty and its own characteristics. Each one is beautiful and unique, and each one makes it impossible to look away from admiration !

03# Maple Leaf Red

"Pretty like the peach of three springs, Qingsu is like the chrysanthemum of nine autumns"

Nice warm color! It matches the skin of Asians, and is versatile in everyday life . It gives a gentle and elegant temperament. It is recommended for fairies with pale skin, be sure to enter!

05# Aunt Color

"A lot of gods praise, Piaopiao Fairy Dance"

Cool girls will definitely choose the color number! The thin coating is even a little gentle, and the thick coating is retro and stylish. It is suitable for party parties and full of aura. Yellow-skinned babies choose this completely wooden question!

06# Tomato color

"The waves in Maimai's eyes, the place where the flowers are blooming"

In the super popular color numbers in the past two years, the name "Tomato Color" must be included. Spring painting is very energetic and will make you lose your age immediately! The yellow skin is particularly white when applied~

10# rust red

"The curvy girl is ashamed, and there is no sorrow in time"

A cheap alternative to the legendary MAC chili pepper!

But it feels slightly more brown than chili

Do not pick the skin when you apply it to a bright white. Daily painting is not exaggerated, it will only make your complexion explode! The fairy who didn't buy the little pepper, this one must not be missed!

11# Cherries

"Eichhornia is half-curved and amber is hidden, and the vermilion lips are a little bit of cherry"

Thin coat is charming and feminine; thick coat with makeup will make you full of energy! Fairies with white skin, you will regret this incompetence!

12# Fresh orange

"Demure is like a flower shining in the water, and action is like a willow in the wind"

12# is definitely a magic weapon to enhance the complexion! Put it on your lips cutely and cutely, it will make you full of vitality! Suitable for white-skinned babies.

In addition, there are some low-key, painted with white color number of fried chicken

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