fragrance by narciso rodriguez and narciso rodriguez are launched

2022-06-10 16:48

They are silently guarding, cuddling soul mates.

It's a tacit understanding of the opposite sex.

It can also be a close family who stays with each other for a lifetime and tolerates each other.

Or ride the wind and waves, a tacit partner that hits it off.

When two free souls meet,

Can inspire infinite possibilities.

Let's break traditional cognition.

I am looking for a new definition of CP.

new alluring floral ladies' narciso Rodriguez and fresh curtain blue men's narciso Rodriguez

The fresh fragrance is intertwined with each other, which outlines the tacit understanding between her and him.

Enthusiasm and refreshing

Narciso Rodriguez

The new Narciso Rodriguez attractive floral lady fragrance interprets the exquisite temperament of modern urban women with a refreshing floral fragrance, with a girlish vitality and an irresistible playful charm.

Bottle design, soft and hazy

Designer Narciso Rodriguez draws inspiration from the modern fashion of New York architecture and outlines the cubic bottle with simple lines. The pretty rose red highlights the gorgeous vitality of contemporary women like a girl. The transition from hazy frosting to clear and transparent bottle design reveals a touch of softness and lightness.

Fragrance, Freedom, and Lightness

The romantic rose overflows with a fresh floral scent, and the passionate pink pepper scent is instantly filled with charming softness; the middle note continues the classic musk scent of Narciso Rodriguez, awakening the delicate and softness of women; the patchouli meets the amber wood fragrance, and the soft scent follows. So quiet and far away.

Confident and playful fragrance style:

A playful girl who blooms in the sun like a rose, with a touch of agility, embellished with youthfulness. The Narciso Rodriguez attractive floral lady fragrance is tailor-made for pretty and agile girls, swaying confidence and charm, making people intoxicated.

Top notes: rose, pink pepper.

Middle note: musk

Base notes: patchouli, amberwoody

Narciso Rodriguez

Starting from January 2021, China's official self-operated stores and JD flagship stores will be listed.

50ml ¥ 830/100ml ¥ 1100

Free and wanton surging

Narciso Rodriguez Curtain Blue Fresh Men's Eau de Toilette

The new Narciso Rodriguez Curtain Blue Fresh Men's Eau de Toilette interprets the extraordinary attractiveness of masculinity with a refreshing vitality, showing a yearning for freedom and a calm atmosphere.

bottle design, mysterious and elegant.

The bottle was created by designer Narciso Rodriguez (Narciso Rodriguez). With his avant-garde use of color aesthetics, a simple and exquisite cubic bottle body is constructed with smooth and atmospheric lines. The sea-like blue, combined with frosted and transparent gradient design, looms, highlighting the charm of men's deep texture.

Fragrance, refreshing

The refreshing opening with green citrus and basil evokes vitality and clarity, intertwined with warm and bitter musk, spreading a fresh and melodious scent, ending with deep and warm woody notes, interpreting the free and calm attitude of men.

Fragrance Style: Sweet Sportsman

The Blue Fresh Men's Eau De Toilette is created for contemporary men who are pursuing freedom and chic. It gives men a pure heart and a broad attitude, makes them calm and confident in situations, and exudes a unique charm of extraordinary aura.

Top notes: green citrus, basil

Middle note: musk

Base note: woody

Narciso Rodriguez Curtain Blue Fresh Men's Eau de Toilette

Starting from January 2021, China's official self-operated stores and JD flagship stores will be listed.

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