Give you a list of good canned mask

2022-05-05 15:22

1. Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask ¥400/150g

The extremely mild gel mask contains ten kinds of herbal extracts such as cucumber and papaya, which deeply hydrates the skin while calming and soothing the sensitive symptoms of the skin. Can be used as an eye mask to reduce eye puffiness; can also be used as a sleeping mask. It can be used after liposuction, surgical microcosmetic procedures, facial hair removal, scrubs and mole removal with electroacupuncture to help calm the skin. It can also be used to soothe skin after sun exposure. Recommended for daily use.

2. Mamonde Clear Cucumber Mask ¥149/100ml

Cucumber has always been regarded as a beauty product because it contains a lot of water, rich minerals and amino acids. The resulting Mengzhuang Cleansing Cucumber Mask uses high-molecular extraction technology to make cucumber juice particles, which directly deliver the active ingredients in cucumber to the parts where the skin needs it, and efficiently metabolize skin dirt and pollutants.

3. Laneige Night Repair Firming Mask ¥240/50ml

The unique memory gel texture enhances skin firmness and elasticity. During sleep, it reshapes the facial contour, maintains sufficient moisture in the skin's stratum corneum, and repairs skin damaged by ultraviolet rays, enhances skin elasticity, and enhances the skin's self-repairing ability. At the same time, the unique fragrance effectively calms, relieves stress, relaxes the mind and body, promotes high-quality sleep, and enhances skin improvement.

4. For Beloved One Refreshing and happy good night gelatin¥450/150ml

The new research and development of "smart oil control and skin rejuvenation technology" emphasizes the three functions of intelligent oil control, acne removal and skin rejuvenation and pore invisibility. Using medical-level patents, it regulates the oil balance within seven days, giving the skin the most efficient improvement. The unique jelly texture can effectively coat the maintenance ingredients, help the skin to absorb during sleep, and reproduce fine and clear the next day.

5.  Sampar Nourishing Mask ¥728/50ml

Acts on the core area of skin cells to promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. A breakthrough intensive anti-aging repair night mask that allows skin to repair itself overnight and wake up in the morning plump and firm. Short-term use to solve the SOS first aid needs of the skin, swept away dryness and dullness, the skin is hydrated, firm, strong, and refreshed! Long-term use achieves anti-aging effect, with the effect of lightening wrinkles, firming skin and improving contour.

6. Pure & Mild Botanical Essence Muscle Source Hengrun Sleeping Mask ¥200/80g

Condensation is full of 4 kinds of plant polyphenol extracts of rose, shegan, lotus seed and green tea, which enhances the skin's own antioxidant power, injects vitality into the delicate face, and actively fights against dryness, fine lines and dullness of the skin. Infuse your sleep with rich collagen and botanical extracts. Infuses skin with full of moisture. Enriched with granules, it can also be used as a beauty serum, and a sleeping mask with plant concentrates.

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