Gucci 2013 Women's Day Elegant Emily Chain Handbag

2022-09-12 06:01

In the bright spring light in early March, the annual Women's Day is ushered in. For nearly a century, people from all walks of life in various countries have made unremitting efforts to fight for women's rights. This is a festival to commemorate women from all over the world striving for peace, equality, and development. It also reminds us to care for all the women we love. On this special day, Gucci [Weibo] has prepared a special collection of Women's Day - elegant Emily chain handbags for you, as a gift of love to your mother and wife.

Gucci 2013 Women's Day Collection
Gucci 2013 Women's Day Collection 1

The Gucci Emily chain handbag adopts a square design, which is full of retro and practical functions of modern life. Wrap featuring a variety of fine handmade leather, special material exudes a natural sheen with double G interlocking printing, highlighting women's elegant , with gold metal shoulder strap also highlights the trend of modern style. The shoulder stress of the strap is especially intimately stitched with cowhide to avoid the pain and discomfort caused by the weight of the bag. Such exquisite detail design shows the unique ingenuity of Gucci in every detail. The interior of the handbag has been scientifically designed with multi-layer inner pockets, which can orderly place items in categories, which fully meets the needs of modern women in daily business or formal occasions such as dinner parties. The large-size Emily chain handbag can fit A4 documents and Mini IPAD and other essential business supplies, and the small bright-colored patent leather can be matched with all kinds of party dresses, making you the focus of social occasions. Gucci 's other iconic accessories - horsebit buckles and tassels perfectly set off the elegant figure of the Emily bag, which is full of visual charm and presents the finishing touch.

Terms handbag chain in recent years, Ms. fashion must-have item, Gucci Emily chain handbag a launch that won favor women around the world, has become the star of the women handbag choice, the famous American movie star Salma Hayek · Paper Connaught ( Salma Hayek Pinault ) and Chinese actress Li Bingbing are fans of this star bag. Gucci for women of different ages specially designed in different styles and materials: Camel rare ostrich medium Emily chain handbag perfect gift for mom, dark Queen Emily suited to the workplace with his wife, pink patent leather or other fabrics in bright colors the Emily is the heart of the young and trendy girls love, do not come for her to choose one?

Gucci also specially introduced silk scarves and sunglasses that can be matched to add charm to her elegant travel.

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