Interpret the American retro style

2022-10-20 12:56

Family Women-Betty Draper

The protagonist's wife, Betty Draper, is the styling muse of the late Princess Grace Kelly of Morocco. She is as noble and refined as Grace Kelly, and has a polite manner. Betty's child, Betty's appearance is like another Kelly every time, her blond hair and blue eyes, the cold temperament exuding from her bones, are exactly the same as Princess Kelly. In the background of the story, in the 1960s, most women in middle-class families have the self-liberation ideas of women in the new era. Although they are wives and mothers, they do not need to work to make money, but they also have their own social life and pay attention to the quality of life. Personality is also self enough, and these are fully reflected in Betty. Although a housewife, Betty has never given up dressing herself exquisitely and charmingly. She has a superior family background and is well-educated. She has exquisite and elegant waist and wide hem dresses, printed dresses, pearl necklaces, hair bands and gloves. They are all necessary for her wardrobe; fluffy blond hair and rose blush are also key points.

Workplace Elite-Joan Holloway

The styling of female secretary Joan Holloway is inspired by sexy actress Marilyn Monroe. Joan is the sexy stunner coveted by male employees throughout the company. Not only was she outstanding, but she also showed her incisively and vividly. Beauty is her bargaining chip, she is well aware of the convenience that this bargaining chip can bring to her, and uses her cunning to maximize the effect. In the play, Joan Holloway most often wears dresses that can highlight the advantages of her protruding figure.

Joan Holloway loves to wear bright colors, red professional dress is her favorite.

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