Hot review: Sekkisei lotion & Sekkisei lotion

2022-12-19 06:01

As the saying goes, the three ugliness is white, and the fat ruins everything. Whitening is the same as weight loss, which is a woman's lifelong mission. Since its birth in 1985 , Sekkisei has been dedicated to researching skin whitening , combining a variety of rare Chinese herbal plant extracts , while giving the skin a sense of transparency and providing sufficient moisture, it can prevent and significantly reduce the color fade. Spots , eliminate acne marks, and skin appears white and moisturized like snow. Snow, skin, and essence are the beautiful elements endowed by Sekkisei . Today I will introduce to you two enduring star products.

Sekkisei series products :

Sekkisei lotion 200mL/RMB380

Sekkisei Emulsion 140mL/RMB420

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