How to get rid of Mercury retrograde?

2022-08-04 17:12

How to get rid of Mercury retrograde? Tarot says you need this transshipment lipstick~

Good morning dears~ The editor is here to say a happy New Year to Da Kar~ but the originally happy mood has brought a sense of crisis because of the appearance of a "mysterious character". Yes, it is Mercury retrograde!

As the first Mercury retrograde to appear this year, this time the Mercury retrograde can be quite powerful. Came on the tail of January, and will not be able to go direct until February 21st, which means that the entire Chinese New Year is during the Mercury retrograde period! Moreover, this Mercury retrograde occurred in the constellation of the wind direction such as Aquarius, it is easy to have problems in communication and cause misunderstandings!

I don't know if Dakar has felt its power, anyway, the editor has been deeply affected by it.

Regardless of whether it is really caused by Mercury retrograde or not, good things can be transported in a whole, at least 3.1415926 in a better mood. . . . . . , so the editor thoughtfully compiled a tarot card transfer guide for the 12 constellations waterproof and reversed for Dakar. Although we are not constellation bloggers, as a beauty blogger, we cannot easily admit defeat! Today, let's start from the lipstick that no matter which constellation women love, and help you find the transfer lipstick that belongs to you~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

As the first house in the 12th house, the cute Aries is full of confidence and vitality, but because of this, it is easy to do things impulsive ~ and this Mercury retrograde gives Aries a chance to settle and calm down. Such a rational moment, the most suitable is the lipstick of earth tones~

nars dance fever

To say that the most commonly used lipstick of the editor's lipstick Curry is the dance fever of nars. I really love the lipstick pen series of its family, except that it needs to be matched with a pencil sharpener!

The matte texture is not dry at all, the velvet is smooth, and the upper mouth is completely matte. Although it shows a little lip lines, it does not affect its makeup at all, just two words: advanced!

As the flagship product of nars, the lipstick pen has also done a very good job in color rendering. This earth-brown dance fever, because of the addition of gray tones, has a more smoky feeling, and its cold and sexy temperament is suddenly raised. When you talk about it, it is a cold beauty that refuses people thousands of miles away. You can see the most special you at a glance in the crowd~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

I like the unchanging little cute Taurus, take advantage of this Mercury retrograde to try to be active and bold, and it may bring surprises to myself~ And the high-profile girl group color is suitable for the mood that needs to break through, maybe it can bring you changes courage!

Peripera, a Korean makeup brand, is really good at making lip makeup, especially its velvet ink series. The design of the baby bottle is small and cute, you can remember it at a glance, and you will never be blind~

There is no choice in the texture. It has a matte texture of soft mist, which is very comfortable on the lips, like adding a microdermabrasion effect to the lip lines! And it can also paint a gradient effect, bite lip makeup easily get~

This No. 08 color is strawberry red with a little fluorescence. The Korean style is very strong. It is a proper South Korean girl group color~ Although it is a little fluorescent, it does not affect its whitening power. It is lined into a white-skinned fairy. The color is absolutely beautiful, but the tinting strength is a little too strong. It belongs to the one that you will see tomorrow if you paint it today~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

The eccentric Gemini can be said to be one of the most sensitive among the twelve constellations, but under the influence of Mercury retrograde, the courageous Gemini will become hesitant. At this moment, you need a sassy lucky lipstick to cheer yourself up~

Chanel 207

This Chanel thin tube 207, which I bought blindly at the beginning, completely broke my impression of Grandma Xiang's lipstick being dry on my lips. After I got it, I couldn't put it down!

The moisturizing creamy texture is very silky, which saves my lips that are often dry and peeling in winter. I don't need to pick the lip condition without showing lip lines, and the moisturizing power is full. So it is important to trust your intuition!

And its cool reddish-brown tone also makes it look deep and not superficial. The upper mouth will not be light, it is a powerful mirror feeling. Applying it is both strong and temperament, such a beauty without dead ends, double the self-confidence directly~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

Sensitive and suspicious Cancer cutie, this month's Mercury retrograde may leave you feeling confused and lost. But don't think too much, listen carefully to your inner voice, and move forward with your own goals~

mac 410

And the inner forbearance, this 410 of mac will help you relieve it~ The gradient shell can feel its unusual in advance, and the cool packaging is simply irresistible to the color control like Cancer!

Don't be surprised to see its creamy texture when you open it. Although almost everyone has one matte lipstick in the mac family, such a moisturizing hang is also excellent~ The color development is not fake, and it is worthy of being a lipstick boss mac!

The color tone is very wonderful. The grape berry color under the cold light is full of beauty, and under the warm light, there will be a burgundy flavor with a little brown tone. The switching between cold and warm is like a very rich Cancer. And its unique sense of darkness is like the state of a fragile crab after blackening, like a glass of old wine, the more you taste, the better it is, it is necessary to raise your aura!

Information comes from Sina Constellation

The domineering lion is a man of influence under the flash wherever he goes, but such a strong may suffer a collision in the emotional relationship. This Mercury retrograde, try to accommodate yourself more~ In order to make the Leo cuties softer, I specially chose a warm-toned lipstick~

and: ar·02

This cute little guy comes from a niche brand and:ar in South Korea, which is a makeup brand launched by a beauty blogger himself. Because I was attracted by her beauty, I bought this 02 color number. This may be the legendary Love House and Wu! But it didn't let me down when I got it, because it's really soft and cute~

First, it has a velvety matte texture that applies smoothly. And its durability is relatively low-key among many Korean makeup brands, and there will be no semi-permanent lip dyeing.

But what pokes me the most is the color of its milk fufu, the creamy nude apricot color on the mouth is so cute that I have no friends, and the atmosphere is super strong~ No matter how domineering president you are, when you apply it, it becomes soft and cute little white rabbit~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

Virgo cute, this Mercury retrograde may be a little hard. If you encounter something that makes you pay but can't see the result, you can think about it from another angle. And when it comes to angles, Dior's 987 matches it very well.

Dior 987

It can be said to be the unpopular representative in the Dior Xingyao series, but it still can't stop me from falling in love with it at first sight~ The design of the laser tube body, how can this girly heart be full of resistance!

The texture of the mirror lip glaze can be applied directly without a primer, and the paste also has a nice little sparkle. This low-key little surprise, both inside and out, is what it is!

Speaking of color, it's like a glass of grape soda with ice. Not the heavy-tasting purple, but a clear and cool grape-plum color. The thin coating will feel the presence of its rose tone, and the thick coating is the crystal grape of Bulling, and each angle has a different style~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

Libra, who has always been good at balancing, may be "out of control" this time, so cute Libras try Kang to improve their self-control, so that everything is under control~ The lucky lipstick belonging to Mumeng is this ysl family. Water glossy lip gloss!

ysl 610

When it comes to ysl's lip glaze series, I have to first express my true love, and every color will not step on thunder! But the best match for self-control is this No. 610 milk coffee color~

First of all, the texture of ysl must not be said, the texture of the lip glaze is well controlled, moisturizing and light, it will not be very sticky after film formation, and the durability is also good~

It is a lighter nude milk tea color on the hands, but don't worry, the color rendering on the mouth is no problem. The thick coating seems to add a little orange-brown tone to the milk tea color, which instantly fills the temperament. The thin coating is a light cinnamon tone, which is simply an independent woman who has everything in her hands~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

Mercury retrograde in February will not have any bad influence on the mysterious Scorpio, but the Scorpio cuties will have a good development in their relationship. While enjoying a sweet date, a colorful lipstick will make you more attractive, and the lipstick of male color is perfect!

lisa eldridge rose

The brand lisa eldridge gave me the impression that it is simple and noble, with a heavy metal shell and no extra ornaments. Such a low-key luxury texture is very suitable for the attributes of Scorpio.

Not only that, but the velvety texture makes it unique. The semi-matte texture is silky and does not dry out on the lips. It is light and thin as if there is no sense of existence. It is worthy of being the ceiling of the velvet lipstick world~

This masculine shade called rose is my favorite in this series. The beautiful rose red, on the mouth is as delicate as a pink rose that blooms warmly. Paint it, whoever sees it will be fascinated by you~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

Lovely shooters who are pursuing freedom, this Mercury retrograde must cheer up! If you want to have a pair of eyes that are good at spotting opportunities, you first need to make your mind delicate and be cruel to yourself~ And Givenchy's lambskin lipstick is a ruthless role that can occupy a corner of the dressing table.

Givenchy 306

Although I replaced it with a pink leather-like body, it is actually the old Internet celebrity No. 306 color that Dakar is familiar with~

Its first crusade comes from its delicate and silky texture, which turns into a velvety semi-matte finish on the lips. But the moisturizing power is not lacking, just like velvet cream is generally moist~

And its classic tomato color is the second ruthless, with a little orange in the red tone, like a freshly ripe tomato, when applied thinly, it is energetic and everyday, and thickly applied, it is elegant and aura. In the dark autumn and winter, it is like a touch of sunshine to warm people's hearts. And its whitening power should not be underestimated, it will raise the whole makeup to a higher level~

Information comes from Sina Constellation

The most prudent and prudent Capricorns in the twelve constellations, this month's fortune will be relatively passive, and you need to make a firm decision to break the deadlock! Possessing a domineering and exposed plasma-colored lipstick may bring confidence~

ameli 914

For a heavy lipstick lover like Xiaobian, the least important thing is the lipstick of plasma color, which can make me choose this Ameli 914, it must have its advantages~ First of all, its oval design is beyond the right The general understanding of lipstick, a small cute one is not good!

After opening it, its creamy texture is paired with a plasma color, and the look and feel is absolutely amazing! The texture is also moisturizing, nothing to say, just swipe it with your fingers and you can faint, and the glossy look is beautiful~

Although the paste looks rusty, it will not be so dark on the mouth, and cute little ones who can't handle heavy makeup can also rush! If you want to draw a vampire ghost effect, just stack it a few more times, and it will make the lips look fuller! The most powerful thing is that the entire skin it can line with is as white as light, and the aura is instantly possessed!

Information comes from Sina Constellation

The unpredictable little cutie of Aquarius may be hit by some people and things this month, but please keep your vitality, it will help you find yourself, and everything will be better der~

Shu Uemura · mor507

To speak of the vitality of the lipstick industry, this Shu Uemura's mor507 must be on the list! First of all, I have to praise Shu Uemura. I really have a good set of lipsticks. Every time I go to its house, I can be planted!

Although the texture is visible to the naked eye, it is not dry at all, and the matte effect of the matte surface is super awesome~

And this 507, as the classic color number of Shu Uemura's family, is filled with the word vitality, and the blood orange with orange tone is full of vitality. Although its saturation is very high, it is not black at all, and the whole person lights up when you put your mouth on it~ It's like a lively and gorgeous little blood orange!

Information comes from Sina Constellation

Emotional Pisces darlings, this month may be in trouble because of impulsive actions ~ maintain a stable and calm mood to usher in a turning point! And the cool and elegant bean paste color lipstick can bring good luck to Pisces~

romand 01

Although there are thousands of lipsticks, there is one brand that can definitely be called the king of bean paste in the lipstick world. Yes, it is the ceiling romance of affordable lipsticks! Especially this new square tube lipstick 01, AKUMA loves it even more~

Not to mention how cute the macaron color with the transparent frosted shell is, the texture has also been upgraded, the matte feel is better, the mouth will show a thick fog, and it is light and compliant~

The inside of this No. 01 color is as cute as the outer shell. The gentle warm-toned bean paste pink seems to have added a "Morandi color" filter. The cool low-saturation tone has a dirty pink feel, pure and lustful. ~ The mouth is a gentle and intellectual Korean drama lady, and I look forward to the arrival of spring when I put it on!

Okay~ Although the editor is not a constellation expert or a master of tarot divination, it is still ok to have fun for Dakar. If you say something unprofessional, please bear with me~ But in February, I was really overwhelmed by water. Against the shroud, Dakar still has to pay more attention to health, maintain a good attitude, and be happy!

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