German Braun announced Hu Ge became its brand spokesperson

2022-08-04 15:47

On September 6, 2016, German high-end men's razor brand Braun officially announced that famous actor Hu Ge has become its brand spokesperson in Greater China.

For a long time, Hu Ge has conquered countless audiences with his outstanding acting skills and extraordinary temperament, from the unrestrained and unrestrained brother Xiaoyao, to the resourceful and talented Mei Changsu... Hu Ge's interpretation of each role All impressive. While focusing on creating a good role, Hu Ge has also been participating in dramas and practicing public welfare activities to gain more accumulation and precipitation. In his own way, he has achieved extraordinary things that belong to Hu Ge. Behind the extraordinary, is the whole-hearted devotion to the work regardless of size, the humility that is well-known to people and things, and the sincerity that has remained unchanged after more than 10 years of acting.

Since its establishment in Frankfurt in 1921, Braun has always insisted on creating Deutsche Seiko grooming products with extraordinary quality. From the affordable and practical M series to the high-end and powerful Braun 9 series, years of research and development, more than 1,000 production processes and more than 200 quality inspections are behind the Braun shaver, making every shave more comfortable and efficient, to help Consumers are more confident to create their own extraordinary life. The cooperation with Hu Ge is precisely because of the incomparable spiritual fit between the two parties. Behind the extraordinary, they all embody the pursuit of excellence in quality and the constant polishing of details.

Braun of Germany specially tailored a new advertising blockbuster #Behind the extraordinary for Hu Ge, showing Hu Ge under the screen and his persistence behind extraordinary.

Germany Braun grandly launched the new 3 series electric shaver in September. This time, the 3 series has three types of red, blue and black. The design of young colors and smooth lines of the whole body fully meet the individual needs of modern young people. More consumers offer a gentle and comfortable shaving experience. This product will be launched on Tmall on September 12 for the first pre-sale of Hu Ge's customized models, so stay tuned.

[About Braun]

Braun, the world-famous razor brand, laid its foundation in Frankfurt, Germany in 1921, creating one classic after another with exquisite design, becoming a model of German design. Braun has more than 200 products in 10 categories, covering men's shaving, women's hair removal, hair care, etc. It has won more than 60 red dot design awards. Modernity, simplicity, purity and high quality are Braun's style, and the German Braun's design philosophy has been summed up by its design master Dieter Rams into a well-known "ten proverbs", which has influenced generations of designers. Since the development of the first electric shaver in the 1950s, Braun has become a hallmark razor brand in the shaving field.

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