In early autumn, men dress like this to go to work, which woman is not tempted

2022-12-05 06:01

TOP1: casual suit

No matter what kind of small suits can give people a sense of self-cultivation and capable, the latest casual small suits in early autumn really incorporate the elements of "vintage" into it, which makes people look very seductive. Wear a striped shirt and slacks inside, and carry your backpack, it feels very sunny.

TOP2: Return to the spring print suit

This summer we have discussed a lot about the elements of flowers. It is smart and playful, colorful, and occasionally looks deep, but it is another vivid gesture in the world of men's clothing. Scattered and slightly messy polka dots are scattered in every corner of the clothes, breaking the monotony of colors and cheering for youth.

TOP3: Long-sleeved pullover with print

Although it is almost autumn, the traces of summer are still there. The long-sleeved round-neck pullover is a must-have item for men's clothing. It can be easily matched with slim tights and a short jacket on the upper body. Remember, when choosing a round neck pullover, there must be a pattern on the chest, which will enhance the sense of layering in your outfit!

TOP4: Be a "Prince Charming" in autumn

The whole body is white, which is a big challenge for a man to dress up. The white single product is almost impossible for a man to touch. why? White is not stain resistant. If you want to wear a handsome man, wearing white occasionally is a good choice. Feel the white monotonous, remember to embellish the colorful elements! This is so charming.

TOP5: Bring the sense of military and wind out of a modern sense

Although it is early autumn, the rest of the summer is still there, and the autumn tiger is gearing up to appear on the stage, so there is no need to press the summer clothes to the bottom of the box. It is great to enjoy the cool occasionally. Military green and white are the best color matching methods. In this way, there is a sense of youth and vitality. A deconstructed long sleeveless casual wear, it is harmonious with a white T-shirt. Camouflage shorts are matched with each other, which is full of fashion sense.

TOP6: Over-the-knee windbreaker can’t be less

The windbreaker for early autumn this season, whether it is the craftsmanship without lining or the sporty cotton style, it is more diversified. The color of the windbreaker is also lighter. These elements are different from the traditional windbreaker.

TOP7: You can also wear fresh wind in early autumn

The casual shirt with bright patterns reflects the sparkle of the sun, elevating the color from dull to youthful, without losing the unique sense of security of men. The classic white round neck T is paired with white shorts. There is no need to say anything. Matching with a colorful shirt is like a game, which can always bring happiness and surprises.

TOP8: Wear a light business casual style in early autumn

The resistance of boys to temperature is much higher than that of girls. The preparation of jackets is a kind of prepared mentality, but it can often help us discover more advantages of menswear. Ultra-thin jacket, with lapels and linen to create a handsome man, the color looks dull but the delicate taste is full of charm.

TOP9: Grids and bows are indispensable for the British trendy fan

The fresh gentleman fan is now one of the most beloved outfits of trendy men. He can also show off his taste in a high-profile manner on any occasion. A slim-fitting plaid trousers and a brightly colored bow tie can easily achieve a trendy atmosphere. It is the most direct form of expression.

TOP10: You can wear literary youth in early autumn

Linen is the most comfortable and considerate fabric. It is not the favorite of trendy people. It is also one of the fabrics that the original designer wants to express the most. It's autumn, and clothing made of linen is no exception. Brown linen bloomers are simply matched with a T-shirt to enjoy the freshness of autumn.

TOP11: Necessary for trendy men in nude suits

It only takes a second for the handsome big boy to fall in love with the sunshine. Watching him pass by in a pure nude double-breasted suit, his heartbeat misses half a beat. The freshness and warmth of the big brother next door is the youthful breath that can't be suppressed from the corner of his eyes. I love fashion, love England, and love to walk freely. The lower body is matched with bright-colored trousers, showing an active, fresh and fashionable sense.

TOP12: Street fan indispensable color-block knitted jacket

If you choose a color-blocking and silhouette-like jacket, you can match it with a white T-shirt inside! Now that the body is well dressed and dry, just use a pair of retro ripped jeans for the lower body, and a pair of canvas shoes with a low-key silhouette jacket. Isn't it very scheming?

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